Wednesday, January 28, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Wednesday Show - in STEREO

Paul Ramsey joins Jimmy Z today during Part 2
Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening sequence/Song: I Am Jimmy Z • The Star Spangled Banner (The Cactus Cuties) • Husband & Wife in Wilmington, CA did not kill their five children because of the economy • Obama's 'Blue Political Wall' • Bernard Goldberg's stunning new book regarding Obama and the media

Click HERE for Part Two
The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Paul Ramsey of 'The Integrated Man' blog • Internet activism • Political royalty • Liberals in California and DC • Hate comments • Smoking as protest • Fighting the evils of nitrogen • Robert Reich speaks out on 'white male construction workers'

The Integrated Man can be found HERE
Ramzpaul's Youtube channel is HERE
There are some rare instances of adult language; in context and not inappropriate

Show notes and linkage:
• Michelle Malkin on the family murder-suicide in Wilmington HERE
• Obama's Blue Political Wall HERE
•'s page for Bernard Goldberg's new book HERE

Tomorrow, an all topic-driven show with your friend and mine, Jimmy Z
Thanks for listening everyone.
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• A few of my favorite ramzpaul youtube bits:

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