Monday, January 19, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Monday Show - In STEREO

Ramos and Compean Pardoned & Jimmy Z's commentary!

There's a whole lotta show in a short 60 minutes! Enjoy!
Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes each.

Click HERE for Part One!
Opening • "I Won't Back Down" • Ramos & Compean pardoned: This began the illegal immigration debate? • Nauseated by the media's Obama adoration • The African American President • Monumental expectations of Obama's speech & Jimmy Z rant • Ann Coulter on Lou Dobbs - Audio

Click HERE for Part Two!
Coulter continued, youtube comments • Former home of The Jimmy Z Show pretends to be tolerant • Obama team sold exclusive rights to public inaugural events • Watching Harry Reid website • Freedom isn't desired by many in the Home of the Brave • Pelosi's naked grab for power • Close


• Ann Coulter on Lou Dobbs HERE
• Monumental expectations of Obama's speech HERE
• Ramos and Compean pardoned HERE
• Former home of The Jimmy Z Show invites Obama HERE
• Obama Inaugural team sells exclusive TV rights to public events HERE
• Watching Harry Reid site HERE
• Freedom is not for everyone HERE
• Center for Individual Freedom's Pelosi story HERE

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Monica said...

Ramos & Compean had their sentences commuted. They were not pardoned.

Jimmy Z said...

That's true. Thanks for the clarification. At the time I wrote the headline, that was the first thing I had heard. Later it was made clear that they were not pardoned.