Wednesday, January 7, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Thursday Show Notes

Fun show today!
Thanks for all who participated both by calling in and in the chat room.

Now, how to get more of you to call in? I'm ruminating on some promotional gimmicks and/or prizes. We'll see what I come up with.

Now, to the relevant links - here's what we talked about today:

• Movin' Forward called in and talked about this story, the $700 million embassy in Iraq - HERE

• Newsmax report (containing a link to the video interview) on Pelosi's rules change and power grab - HERE

• John Ziegler's "How Obama Got Elected" website & interview with Sarah Palin, and updates on his forthcoming documentary on media malpractice - HERE
Here is the video clip from which I took the audio:

• Senator Tom Coburn's round up of the worst wasteful spending of 2008 - HERE
• Senator Coburn's complete report in pdf form - HERE

• And lastly, here's the post I wrote at youtube in response to the argument that Caroline Kennedy is fit to be Senator with zero experience, but Sarah Palin was unfit to be Vice President:

"You know, Palin is, you know, um, you know, not as, you know, smart as, you know, Caroline, you know, Kennedy, and you know, Caroline, you know, is fit to be, you know, Senator, you know, with zero, you know, experience, you know, and you know, Palin was, you know, unfit for, you know, office, you know, but Caroline, you know, is, you know, a great, you know, asset, you know, and Palin, you know, is a, you know, embarrassment, you know and you know, you know, I, um, you know... you know?"

You can listen to the archive of Thursday's show by clicking HERE.

See you all tomorrow at 7pm EST, 4pm left coast! --JZ

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