Sunday, January 11, 2009

• BlogTalkRadio cancels three enormously successful programs


We suspect it is likely for personal reasons and not professional ones that BlogTalkRadio has suspended the accounts of three of it's most successful programs: The Buffman & Wrench Show, The Debra J.M. Smith Show and The Jimmy Z Show.

The story is quite fluid at this time, and we will have more to report to you very soon.

You should also know that your stalwart host has received a comment here at the Jimmy Z Show notes from a bold, brave and courageous person hiding behind the name 'anonymous,' saying: You show is history.

No ma'am (assuming it was female because if it was male, it sure sounded like the tactic of a cowardly female), the Jimmy Z Show is not history. In fact, the Jimmy Z Show is stronger than ever.

Anonymous coward, you are no conservative seeking to silence (a) those who outed you for perpetuating a lie regarding the faked troops listening to BlogTalkRadio and (b) those who have views, genuinely conservatives views, that are in opposition to your own.

This is just the beginning - not the end. You better run for cover.

Best to all,
Jimmy Z

BTW: Keep a close eye on this page, as I will be loading a new Jimmy Z Show within 24 hours! Keep the faith, never back down.

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