Saturday, January 24, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Weekend Show - in STEREO

The Jimmy Z Weekend Show for your pleasure

What Reich said! Whoa!

Each segment runs approximately 30 minutes.

Click HERE for Part One
Opening (gninepO) • Celebrities 'pledge' to Obama video • Obama photo burned in Iran • McCain goes back to being McCain (Hint: Not conservative!) • Comment to Media Tizzy on her blog

Click HERE for Part Two

Bush daughters' letter to Obama daughters • Robert Reich's outrageous racist statement • Ramzpaul's parody of Reich • More from Ramzpaul on the 'Fight against Nitrogen' • Michelle Malkin: Robert Reich

Click HERE for Part Three
Fabulous, amazing wide angle photo of the Inauguration • Michelle Obama will be the next Princess Di or a black Jackie Onasis • Angry liberal email to young republican columnist • The Rush Limbaugh Interview available in the show notes • Rush on Conservatism • Michael Savage to Robert Reich - stunning • Opening ticket to a big personal appearance

Show notes/links:
• The celebrity pledge to Obama video HERE
• Time online piece re: celebrity pledge to Obama HERE
• Photo of Obama photo burned in Iran HERE
• John McCain back to being a pain in the ass HERE

• Bush daughters write to Obama daughters HERE
• Debra JM Smith's analysis of the Bush daughters' letter HERE
• Robert Reich clip HERE
• Robert Reich parody by Ramzpaul HERE
• Ramzpaul's Fight against Nitrogen at Starbuck's video HERE
• Robert Reich analysis by Michelle Malkin HERE
• Robert Reich analysis by Michael Savage HERE

• Inauguration Wide Angle Photo HERE
• Young republican column at the Washington Post HERE
• Angry liberal email to republican columnist HERE
• Rush Limbaugh Interview HERE and HERE
• Transcript of Rush Limbaugh Interview HERE

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Anonymous said...

Love the piece on Media Tizzy. She is NOT a conservative, she is a leftist--PERIOD! You make sense and America MUST start blessing God is they want God to bless America!