Wednesday, January 7, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Wednesday Show Notes

Another big time today on the Jimmy Z Show!

We debuted my (annoying!) call-in number jingle (another idea sure to flow through BTR shows who listen to my show for ideas), and read a message that I sent to Chandler (and I never got a response, of course).

Here are the links for today's topics. See you tomorrow at 7pm EST, 4pm left coast!

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I read this quote from Rush Limbaugh: "One of the myths of liberalism is that they are smarter than everybody. They are the ones who have the true intellect, the true understanding. They are the ones who are the best and the brightest. They, ladies and gentlemen, may be educated, but they are ignorant. They are closed-minded, they are shallow, they are mean-spirited, and some of them are outright inarticulate and uninformed. Some of them, I firmly believe, are IQ-challenged."

• Orange County Republicans considering the impact of social conservatism HERE
• California may issue IOUs for tax refunds beginning February 2009 HERE
• Joe Biden's trip overseas raises concerns HERE
• Stoke Newington Kris' claim that Obama's Birth Cert has been seen 50 times HERE
• A piece at the Wall Street Journal on McCain's email, which I read in part on the show HERE

• We also listened to the audio of this comedy clip:

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