Monday, January 12, 2009

• The Jimmy Z Sunday Show - In STEREO

The Jimmy Z Show lives!

• Sunday's show includes a limited explanation of what goes on behind the scenes with the BlogTalkRadio disabling of three of it's most professionally produced and successful programs - The Buffman & Wrench Show, The Debra J.M. Smith show and of course, my show, The Jimmy Z Show. Including specifics on the kind of people who are cancers within the conservative movement as exemplified by the girl in Stoke Newington.

• Also, a youtube video by another incoherent Obama supporter - great comedy!

Here's the video we listened to from that incoherent Obama supporter:

Click HERE to listen to the Jimmy Z Show in Stereo!

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PS to my listeners: Thanks for the big response today! Your thoughts have been encouraging and that you are listening is very cool indeed. Perhaps this studio I built here is all I need! And GV, thanks for what you said about my music. It's nothing fancy, but I enjoy the creative process. Best to all, talk to you again soon!

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