Friday, March 19, 2010


Let the democrats be devious & use every trick
Review: 45 goals of communism in 1963
The IRS is more powerful with Obamacare

Show No. 055-2010

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Opening • Audio: Tim Conway Jr. on KFI 640: The government is against us, trying to take over everything, becoming socialist • Audio: Howard Stern on democrats & the FCC • Rant: Remaining confident • Reading: The end of the American Republic • Rant: The liberal agenda is more important that what the people want • Reading: I'll be happy if Pelosi uses the Slaughter Shenanigan • Reading: What are the democrats really up to over the long run? •

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Opening • 1963: The 45 goals of Communism in the US • Dr. Carl Mumpower & Jimmy Z • Third Party thinking can derail our victories • Rasmussen three way ballot • The fantasy of creating a viable third party • Audio: Mark Levin - the history of third party candidates • The Politico pulls a story at the request of the democrats • Memo in question: Democrats plan 'doc fix' in the spring after reform is passed • Internet Broadband 'surcharge' coming • Obama nationalizing student loans as part of the healthcare bill? • The IRS becomes more powerful with healthcare reform • Audio rewind: George Stephanopoulos challenges Obama • CBO score is fiction • Audio: Paul Ryan on Limbaugh, explains the process • Gallup has Obama at lowest rating yet • Rasmussen explains Obama suffers every time he pushes Obamacare •


Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KFI ON DEMAND: Downloads and listening
Breitbart: Howard Stern blasts the FCC and democrats as communist
Conservative Camp: The end of the American Republic
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: I'll be happy if Pelosi uses the Slaughter Shenanigan
RNI America: Playing for keeps in the crafting of a socialist democracy
Free Republic: 45 declared goals of communism
Rasmussen Reports: Three way generic ballot results
The Candid Conservative Home Page
The Candid Conservative on Podomatic
The Politico: Democrats challenge authenticity of 'doc fix' memo
Before It's News: Democrats plan 'doc fix' after reform is passed
PC Mag: Do you want to pay a 'National Broadband Fee'?
Washington Post: Obama's student loan plan moving forward with health bill
Washington Examiner: Student loans get the Obamacare treatment
The Hill: Republicans assail IRS provision in health care bill
YouTube: George Stephanopoulos is incredulous with Barack Obama
National Review: Daniel Foster - What CBO Score?
Rush Limbaugh: Rep. Paul Ryan on health care chicanery
Gallup: Obama's approval rating lowest yet, Congress down to 16
Rasmussen Reports: The Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

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