Saturday, March 13, 2010


No home Bible studies in Gilbert, AZ
The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Michael Stollaire

Show No. 051-2010

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Opening • Meeting good conservatives on Facebook • Runaway Toyota Prius questions • Audio: Mike Pence on the health care bill • Our National Anthem • Gilbert, AZ orders adults to stop their home Bible Study!Glenn Beck accused of attacking Christian churches • Audio: Glenn Beck on liberal churches, 'social justice', 'economic justice' • Beck explains in more detail what he is talking about • Audio: Beck on European fascism, communism •

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Intro • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Michael Stollaire, candidate for Congress, CA 28th

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AP: Runaway Prius case presents nagging questions
YouTube: A message from Congressman Mike Pence
World Net Daily: Arizona city forbids Bible studies in homes
Examiner: Some Christians call for boycott of Glenn Beck
Judicial Watch: LA County spends $600 million on illegals
California Use Tax information

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FreedomsWings said...

Thank you Jimmy for pointing out that Beck is a Mormon. I was really disappointed when I found that out years ago, but it did not change the fact that I was a fan. So I find it laughable that these libtard fake Christians want to boycott Beck for pointing out the truth, rather than for a reason like he is a member of a cult. Just shows who they really are. said...

Thank you JimmyZ for distinguishing BIBLICAL Christianity from liberal/"social justice" so-called Christians.

You were very kind to point out the post regarding the facts of the flight from liberal churches. Normal folks are fleeing liberal congregations in droves and moving to Bible believing churches like Calvary Chapel (a fact that enrages/confuses leftists and the L.A Times)

Today's has a piece regarding the CENSORSHIP of Supervisor Mike Antonovich's report regarding the ONE BILLION DOLLAR costs of ILLEGAL aliens "anchor babies" related to the Judicial Watch investigation.

This information is being blacked out by all of the Los Angeles news media.

Steve said...

I wonder if the ban on religious meetings in Gilbert, AZ extends to AA meetings??