Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dennis Prager: We are now in a civil war
National Review: 5 reasons not to despair

Show No. 058-2010

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Opening • Ann Coulter's trip to Canada • Freedom and free speech in Canada • Audio: John Dingell talking about controlling the American people • Costs of the health care bill will be high • Reading: Beware the emboldened left • Dennis Prager: It's a civil war - what we do now • Facebook: People still focused on the birth certificate •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Birth certificate continued • Alcee Hastings: Impeached judge • Rant: Convicted and impeached, Hastings becomes a Congressman • Audio: Limbaugh: Who did the leftists defeat? The American people • The morality of Obamacare • Was Bart Stupak bribed for his vote? • Stupak challenger making headway • Obamacare and Eugenics • Healthcare costs and affects this year • 10 facts about health care in America pre-Obamacare • Five reasons NOT to despair • Hyphenated American: It's a sin to despair • 5 tactics to watch for from the Socialist Democrats • Audio: Al Sharpton says Americans voted 'overwhelmingly' for socialism • Dennis Prager commentary: The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Ottawa Citizen: University of Ottawa speech cancelled
Vancouver Sun: Ann Coulter will file grievance with rights panel
CTVBC: Coulter speech cancelled over fears of violence Coulter's Ottawa speech cancelled over 'public safety' fears
Breitbart: Shocking audio: Rep. Dingell says Obamacare will eventually 'control the people'
JS Online: Costs of this debacle will be high
American Spectator: Beware the emboldened left
Dennis Prager: It's a civil war - What we do now
YouTube: Rep. Alcee Hastings actually said
Examiner: Impeached Federal Judge-now-Congressman Alcee Hastings
Rush Limbaugh: We should all have Shirley's 'sick feeling' in our stomachs
Debra JM Smith
Code Red: Was Bart Stupak bribed with airport funding?
Real Clear Politics: Stupak challenger makes friends
Red State: Stapak amendment exposes Obamacare's dirty little secret: Eugenics
Bloomberg: Health care overhaul changes to start taking effect this year
NCPA: 10 surprising facts about America's health care
National Review: Five reasons not to despair
Hyphenated American: Let's win one for the Gipper!
WND: Coming tactics from the leftists in DC
YouTube: Al Sharpton says Americans voted for socialism
YouTube: Dennis Prager: The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen


Jz said...

Ah, but you miss the point Grasshopper. Ms. Coulter went to Canada and illustrated beautifully the extent to which the left will go to shut down free speech in Canada ........ and in the US! What's happening in Canada -- banning speakers from coming to speak (from many places in the world), threatening violence at speakers' engagements -- has already begun here.

Ann did us favor. Her play was brilliant. "If we keep going in this direction," she is saying, "The US will be like Canada." She did this with typical humor, satire and wit. She is like the conservative Moe, poking leftist Curly's eyes and hitting Socialist Democrat Larry over the head with a Constitutional hammer. Fabulous.

Ann Coulter's short speaking tour in Canada could not have been more important or more perfectly timed.

Jz said...

You're missing the whole point - she didn't go there to fight Canada's laws. Further, you can't prove that the left won't let you speak BY NOT SPEAKING.

You're letting your feelings about Ann Coulter get in the way.

One point you are failing to get: Conservative ARE trouble makers, by definition. If we aren't making trouble we aren't doing our job. Ann is right - if you don't make the leftists froth and furious with rage, you aren't doing it right.

Ann did EVERYTHING right here. She was funny, pointed, and proved her point in the only way that leftists understand it - she got in their faces. That is what must be done. This is a war for western civilization, and yes, that includes Canada.

Jz said...

It is also disturbing that Coulter's trip to Canada seems to bother you more than the left's attempts to shut her up with threats of violence. Hmmm...