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Rape: A way of life for women in the Congo
The Jimmy Z Show Interview:
Alex of the 'Hyphenated American' blog

Show No. 061-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • 'People Got To Be Free', The Rascals • Rant: Making up the rules as they go along • FBI raids militia groups in three states • 'End time battles' • Rant: These militias are not helping • One man's militia is another man's terrorist group • Militias in the name of Jesus • Audio: Jesus Christ Show host on end times prophecies, etc • The Congo: The horror of rape used as a weapon of war • Reading: What life is like today for women in the Congo • British woman returns to the Congo, and experiences much worse than her imagined worst case scenario • Interview preview: Two clips from the pre-interview discussion •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Alex of the 'Hyphenated American' blog

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CNN: At least 7 arrested after raids in 3 states
AP: Official: Gun charges after FBI raids in Midwest
Fox News: Arrests made in alleged militia activity in Midwest
Guardian UK: Why Congo is the world's most dangerous place for women
Washington Post: Congo's rape epidemic worsens during US backed military operation
NBC Law and Order SVU homepage
YouTube: SVU season 11, episode 16, part 4/5

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11 comments: said...

The Rascals are the most UNDER rated of all the 1960's bands.

Italian New Yorkers who sing with such soulful,gospel flavored vocals defy easy categorization.

Jb said...

Great Interview Alex. Your love for America is Obvious. I wish more people were as smart as you. Really enjoyed listening. I hope and pray we can take this country back. God is in control. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. And that may just mean preparing our hearts for heaven.

Angie Comics said...

The fact that former Russian Alex understands America better than most progressive Americans, shows how far we've lost direction. What next? China telling us how to be good capitalists? Oh, they already did!

While this is terrible and sad, there's hope in knowing there are guys like Alex are out there with the courage to talk and guys like Jimmy Z to air it.

Hopefully a whole lot of Alex and Jimmy Z's....

PS Alex, love your Dad's work. It reminds me of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine!

Anonymous said...

Great interview with Alex I was very very impressed. God bless you Jimmy and God bless you as well Alex, we are glad you are here, great interview.

Christopher Fredrickson said...

Alex reminds me of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. He is a voice crying in the wilderness.For some reason we Americans are not allowed to call the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda "socialism," "communism,"
"marxism," or anything else that might sound unpleasant to liberals and leftsts.
Alex is a breath of fresh air- he is like a disenfectant on the lies that Americans are either blind to or cowed by political correctness.Great points on communism,rev wright,pelosi and all the rest


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Z,

I was stunned. America is so screwed not to be lead by immigrants such as Alex!

I heard Alex, a Russian immigrant, talking on your show tonight about his understanding and love of the American culture and its gift to him of self-determination. It translated he is allowed to achieve as much success as he is able to find, asking for nothing more but the right to self-achievement.

Then I remembered someone else, a non-immigrant and a woman probably born right here in America, who shouted out during the presidential election, "Obama is going to pay my gas and my mortgage!" Then another one was asked after the election about Obama paying her bills, too, the interviewer asking, "Where will Obama get the money?" She replies laughing, "I don’t know, from his stash?"

And she was right, Obama being given the keys to our treasury, his stash, committing Trillions from it in only 15 months in office and doubling the debt of all presidents who had served before him combined!

Thomas Jefferson had warned if citizens would ever vote to take from others the Republic would be over. And so it was in November of 2008, tens-of-millions of Americans wanting the free gas and their mortgages paid by “Obama’s stash,” not giving a damn where it came from as long as it found its way into their wide-opened waiting pockets.

I also loved Alex's comment of today's arrogant Democrats in Congress, who he sees as “morally bankrupted dancing on the Titanic even after it had already hit the iceberg. What a visual!”

His other comment about Obama going through the School of Chicago was on the mark, too, Obama understanding these tens-of-millions of Americans have praised him for his telling them they have a right to take from others. Alex then summed this up perfectly saying the friends who surround Obama “have become accustomed to America’s money being their money!”

Lech Walensa had observed the same about America, the great Polish freedom fighter revealing in Chicago on a recent visit this year that America was no longer the moral leader in the world, falling from grace. Need we say more about the decline of the United States of Obama and his band of thieves that sit in the people’s House today?

While it was reported that 95% of Black Americans voted for Obama's rich promise of entitlements, what about the other five percent? Those seem to be the real heroes, who opportunists such as Al Sharpton see instead as traitors to the Black cause, hard working and proud Black Americans like Condi Rice, war hero Lt. Col. West, and thousands of others that read like the “Teachers’ African American Book of Lists,” those Blacks who had contributed to the America that had existed up to today, ones Obama never speaks of.

Our corrupt mainstream media, while in bed with liberal Democrats, showed this agenda best against these special Americans in a cartoon that ran a while ago, drawing Condi Rice as a squawking parrot with fat black lips sitting on a perch in President's Bush's office. And they dare call conservatives hate mongers and racists. It is they that three fingers point back to them in shame and intolerance!

That says it all about today’s liberals, mocking people who build, serve, and protect the country as fools for not want to join them in the free ride . . . on the ship Alex sees as a sinking Titanic.


Hyphenated American said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thanks a lot for the kind words. I truly appreciate them.

I think it's people like me who are most inconvenient to the left-wingers in America. It's one thing to tell a man from Kansas that accusing Obama of being a socialist is silly - it's quite another to make same claim when arguing with a man who was raised in the USSR. How can any liberal maintain the party line that any critic of Obama does not know anything about Marxism - when debating a man who was taught marxism-leninism since early childhood, and who lived his life in a socialist utopia?! And who knows marxist-leninist-stalinist lexicon and can use it better than a Soviet? Heck, if need to, I can start quoting Lenin in Russian - if they really push me.

Which is why I think my words can be very powerful and have a lot of credibility. Moreover, I am a foreigner, a man with an obvious accent, and also a Russian Jew - a really hard target to hit. And if they want to play the victim card - well, I can do too - and it's unlikely they are going to win since my stories are better. ;)

Anyway, this all happened due to Jimmy Z, who invited me to his show - so kudos to you Jimmy for finding a young Russian talent (me) and introducing him to the public. ;)

In case anyone cares, I've got a blog:


Anonymous said...

It was a great interview for these reasons.

First off, Here is a person who lived in a country that is communist or socialist and cares not for the common people. He came to America to have the freedom to achieve and work for what he wanted and as Alex said for some fairness in the fact that talent is rewarded here for the most part.
And now here is a President who wants to turn our great free nation in to what Alex left is country for.

Not only that Alex pointed out something better than most people I have heard or read about the President.

He has no class, no social graces and he seems to be so cold to people. He has no heart. The way he is treating foreign leaders and other diplomats, unless they are Islam, is despicable. Wether a leader from another country agrees with you or not the President is supposed to treat them with grace and dignity and respect while they are on our soil. I am glad Alex pointed out how uncouth our President is.

You know Jimmy, coming from a military family like me, your dad being high ranking like mine, there is etiquette to follow no matter what.

Alex also hit home the fact that this president does not care about the American people at all. Just his agenda.

It was a great interview because it comes from a person who has lived both ways and can see both sides of the coin. He has a unique perspective to offer. He is also passionate and heart filled about our nation and what it is supposed to stand for.He puts a lot of Americans to shame for having more love and pride in what this nation is supposed to be then the native born people of this country.God bless You Alex, you keep up the good work.

your friend always in Jesus

Steve said...


Alex was terrific....I was saddened and embarrassed about the state of our nation. His viewpoint was so informative and important to understanding the potential for disaster if this administration is not stopped in it's tracks in November.

Jimmy, keep up the fight...we are with you!!!


PS I would love to know where Alex would go if this country tumbles head-long into communism???

Jim McMahon said...


Mia Frederiksen said...

What an amazing interview with Alex. He reads Obama like a book! WOW. His knowledge of geo-political issues is outstanding. I thank him for his frankness and am glad to have him in our corner. God bless you both! :)