Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Obama's outrageous plan to get health care passed
Youtube Abortion is 'not for publicity'
Muslim in New York beheads his wife

Show No. 043-2010

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Opening • 17 year old jogger's body found • Rodney Alcala found guilty for the third time • Congressman Charlie Rangel to step down from his Chairmanship • Medicinal Marijuana scam all over Los Angeles • Obama's Wednesday statement to come • Audio: Obama flashbacks, speaking against the use of reconciliation • Audio: Clips from James Carville & Nancy Pelosi • Audio: Portion of 'Waterloo' song parody • Audio: New - Steve Wynn speaks out against Obama • Michele Bachmann says her family will not fill out full Census form • Audio: Bill O'Reilly argues FOR confiscation of guns during emergencies • Baby survives parents' global warming suicide pact •

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Opening • News report and audio clips: Woman has abortion on YouTube • A cold heart and atheism • A miscarriage is 'not that bad, not scary' • Opinions on both sides of 'The Hurt Locker'Muslim head of Islamic TV station beheads his wife • Audio: Glenn Beck reports on the Muslim who beheaded in wife in New York • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Here's what Obama is up to • Time columnist writes about the health care summit he obviously didn't see •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
San Francisco Chronicle: Chelsea King body found in San Diego County
KTLA 5: Convicted murderer Rodney Alcala apologizes in court
Newsmax: Rangel stepping down from tax-writing Chair
CBS2: Video library - Medicinal Marijuana report
ABC News: President Obama to say democrats will use reconciliation
Breitbart: Obama: Dems should not pass healthcare with 50-plus-1 (flashback)
Huffington Post: Obama's Nevada visit hurt Reid more than it helped
Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi wants to thin the herd, urges dems to make suicide vote
YouTube: Steve Wynn is disgusted with the Obama administration
CBS News: Rep. Bachmann refuses to fill out (in full) 2010 Census
YouTube: Bill O'Reilly suggests gun confiscation during weather emergencies
Telegraph UK: Baby survives parents' global warming suicide pact
WTSP: YouTube abortion 'mother' speaks out
NY Daily News: Angie Jackson live-tweets her abortion to 'demystify' procedure
Big Hollywood: Review: 'The Hurt Locker'
NY Times Blogs: New twists in 'Hurt Locker' brouhaha
Pat Dollard: 'A huge slap in the fact to every soldier who's been on the front line
Burt Prelutsky: The New and Improved Iron Curtain
CNN: Founder of Islamic TV station accused of beheading his wife
YouTube: US Muslim beheads wife, Sharia Law and honor killings in America
Breitbart: Time to act on health care, Obama declares
Cook Political: What can save the dems?
Time: The Health Care Summit by Joe Klein


jonsheppone said...

On Obama's plea for healthcare:

Obama quipped at the bi-partisan healthcare forum to a congressman that had the Democrat's 2,000+-page healthcare bill by his side, complaining he had a prop. Yet today for his final, final healthcare speech, Obama did the same surrounding himself with several people on stage in white coats, one could say an old Alinsky trick of the props.

Obama does the same with flags as president. Yet it was candidate Obama, at a Democrat fundraiser in 2007, who said you don't have to put your hand over your heart during the playing of the national anthem to be patriotic. Of course its parents and grandparents who love their country that teach American children to do these things in respect for their country's anthem and symbols. Radicals teach otherwise, eating the fruit of the labors of these same people.

It is amazing so-called educated progressives smiled when Obama claimed that any doctor knew more money could be made cutting out tonsils rather than giving medicine to the patient. Yet even an illegal aliens knows, what this Harvard graduate was not taught, that the family doctor is almost never the surgeon. And Obama said doctors would rather cut the feet off a patient than give medicine to also make more money, educated progressives smiling again at the comment.

In addition Obama said seniors should deny themselves expensive healthcare and instead take a pain pill, I suspect the same pill the government will not allow seniors to take because these drugs are habit forming and could be dangerous to their ongoing health.

Obama has changed Washington like Jekyll changed medicine. Americans know a lie when they hear it and the liar when they see it.

AJ4QM said...

Another great show! I just HAD to post on the Bill O'Reilly part. I think Bill is in the Kool-Aide Tank. State of Emergency or not, the government will have a hard time taking my guns away. Don't want me on the streets after dark during an SOE?-no problem. But since we don't have a right of protection from law enforcement from being murdered by a psycho i will defend myself, my property and my family at all costs. Bill needs to "wise up" GOD BLESS YOU JZ! And GOD BLESS The USA!

AJ4QM said...

Once again, I couldn't wait till the end of the show to post, so here I am again. On abort-o mom: we can't be shocked by this and that may be the real problem here is-the de-sensitization of the citizenry to the deplorable acts committed in this world. I can't help but think of how far we as a country and a culture have fallen away from our core Judeo-Christian roots/values as to even condone this behavior. I pray everyday for the salvation of the lost and the return of Christ to wash away this madness. Though you may not know for a fact (but believe nontheless)that God does not exist
Consider this: Jesus told his disciples when asked why he spoke in parables he told them so that the dammed may not understand. Just by you having understanding should be proof positive that he holds you in the palm of his hand.