Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The US is less respected thanks to Obama
Dan Rather's watermelon remark

Show No. 048-2010

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Opening • Salutations • Audio: Sean Penn advocates prison for anyone who calls Hugo Chavez a 'dictator' • Audio: Sean Penn wishes rectal cancer on those who view him with cynicism • Audio: Rep. Cleaver says that Obama does not have the votes he needs to pass Obamacare • Rant: The American people do not want socialized medicine! • Obama vilifies health insurance companies, plans to hand them $336 billion • Opinion: Americans believe Obama has hurt America in the eyes of the world • Audio: Dan Rather makes racist remark on Chris Matthews • Audio: 60 black ghetto names • Dennis Prager: Why leftists don't care about $9.7 trillion in debt • Disturbing religious violence in Nigeria • Tiger Woods' porn actress mistress appears at an Oscar party with Gloria Allred • Senate warns employees to avoid the Drudge report • Audio: JD Hayworth on the Mark Levin show •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video

YouTube: Michael Moore and Sean Penn with Bill Maher
CBS News: Sean Penn on Haiti's 'difficult nightmare'
Real Clear Politics: Obama doesn't have the votes to pass health care
ABC News Blog: Obama seeks to vilify health insurers
Washington Times: Poll shows Obama, Dems losing ground
Newsbusters: Dan Rather 'articulate' Obama couldn't even sell watermelons
YouTube: Top 60 ghetto black names
Townhall: Dennis Prager, Why democrats don't care about a $9.7 trillion debt
Newsmax: Hundreds slaughtered in Nigeria religious violence
ThainDain: Tiger Woods' mistress Joslyn James attends Oscar party
Drudge Report: Senate warns employees to avoid the Drudge Report
Mark Levin Fan: JD Hayworth sets out to park McCain and the Zig Zag express


jb said...

Ah Yes Sean Penn, the mention of the name immediately brings laughter. Piece of garbage, liberal, disgusting moron.

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