Thursday, March 18, 2010


Pelosi may use 'deem & scheme' to pass healthcare
Obama surrenders gulf oil drilling to Russia

Show No. 054-2010

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Opening • Audio: Obama interviewed on Fox News yesterday • Highlights and lowlights • Drilling the President on 'deem and scheme' • Obama: The process is always ugly • Obama: Lying about the economy • Audio: Reasons Kucinich dislikes the bill he's going to vote for • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on 'deem and pass' • Reading: Stanford Law School Director on the Slaughter Shenanigan • 'Hero' in bank robbery now sues bank • Audio: KABC 7 report • Rant: The bank owes him nothing • Audio: Canadian Gordon Sinclair in June, 1973 • Our National Anthem by Carrie Underwood • Rant: Poor Prime Minister of Haiti got his feelings hurt •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • CA City trying to shut down a home Bible Study • Candidate for Governor in New York about to switch parties • Healthcare bill updates and analysis • Democrats ready to take a vote on Sunday • Insurance premiums will go up under Obamacare • Obama's '3,000% claim' • Walgreens will not accept new Medicaid patients in Washington State • Pelosi, 'deem & scheme' and Sunday's vote • Stupak has been under immense pressure • Idaho and Virginia ready to sue; 36 other states following • Obama may have bought the votes of two CA congressmen • Dick Morris commentary: What will happen to health care in America? • Obama's plan to undermine education • Reading: Obama surrenders gulf oil to Russia • Website plug: 'Wake Up America & Face The Dragon' • In Texas, conservative curriculum approved • Audio: Obama supports collection of DNA upon arrest •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama on Fox with Bret Baier
YouTube: Kucinich: Yes to health care bill
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats violate Constitution to 'deem' Obamacare law
Heritage Foundation: Yet another reason Obamacare would be unconstitutional Synonyms for 'deem'
KABC 7: Man shot while foiling bank robbery sues bank
American Rhetoric: Online speech, Gordon Sinclair - 'TheAmericans'
Fox News: Southern California City says home Bible group must get permit
NY Times: Steve Levy plans switch to GOP
AP: House dems on track for vote on $940 billion health bill
AP: Fact Check: Premiums would rise under Obama plan
American Thinker: 'You will see premiums fall by as much as 3,000%'
Seattle Times: Walgreens will take no new Medicaid patients after April 16
Bloomberg: Pelosi tactic for healthcare vote would raise legal questions
The Hill: Stupak: Health fight has been 'living hell'
AP: Idaho first to sign law aimed at healthcare plan
Washington Post: Cuccinelli's office confirms Virginia will sue over healthcare
NRCC: Two democrat congressmen from CA may have been bought
St. Louis Today: Costello resisting White House pleas on healthcare
Washington Post: Republicans already planning to appeal healthcare
Dick Morris homepage
Washington Times: Obama surrenders gulf oil to Russia
Wake Up America & Face The Dragon homepage Conservative backed curriculum ok'd for history classes
The Politico: President Obama backs DNA tests in arrests

1 comment:

Steve said...

Gordon Sinclair's speech should be required listening for each and every student, immigrant, and every G.D. Democrat that thinks this Country is not the greatest on earth.

Now, I am a proud American, but never have I been prouder than listening to this speech.