Thursday, March 11, 2010


Shenanigans! Democrats will stop at nothing!
Johnny Weir: Too gay for homosexuals
Show No. 049-2010

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Opening • Sore lower back • Congressional shenanigans: The Slaughter Rule • Outrageous and blatant disregard for our Constitution • Can you blame some folks for becoming extremist? • Take a vote? No! We'll just 'deem' the bill passed • Democrats would vote for the new rule and not the bill itself • Debra JM Smith & Jimmy Z • Slaughter's offices in New York and Washington DC • Where does the Constitution allow national health care in the first place? • Audio: Nancy Pelosi idio-sms • Electronically altered Pelosi • Johnny Weir, Olympic skater • Johnny Weir won't come out - but why? • Audio: Johnny Weir talking to the LA Times • Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, etc • Audio: Johnny Weir responds to questions about his gender •

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Life News: Democrats may use Slaughter Rule to pass health care
NY Post: Nancy's nutty new rules
Washington Examiner: House democrats looking at 'Slaughter Solution' to pass Obamacare
YouTube: Johnny Weir talks with the LA Times about Lady Gaga, etc
Pop Watch: Johnny Weir responds to commentators who questioned his gender
Blog Critics: Skater Johnny Weir verbally attacked by gay commentator
Informing Christians website

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Jb said...

I'm speechless. Just incredible. It would be a new cival war, a march to and thru the white house and all of washington. We have talked about it before.
This party is truely influcenced by Satan himself.