Friday, March 26, 2010


Bill Keller on Rev. Jim Wallis
Analysis: Conservatives accused of violence
California about to vote to make pot legal

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Opening • Greetings • Audio: Obama collectors' plate TV ad • Priceless plate for 19 bucks! • Ann Coulter's column, 'Oh, Canada!' • The US is following Canada in terms of political correctness • Informing Christians' critique of Ann Coulter • On 'enraging liberals' • Canada vs. countries in the middle east • Stirring the pot & being willing to fight leftists on their level • Observation: Articles that speak of a lethargic economic recovery • Bill Keller on Jim Wallis of the 'religious left' • Darrell Issa of CA will call for a special prosecutor to investigate the White House • Effects of Obamacare already showing • Audio: Kevin Jackson on MSNBC with David Schuster • In Denver, a liberal vandalized Democratic HQ • Review & Analysis: Conservative 'violence' accusations • Democrat lawmakers meet with the FBI • Audio: Jim Clyburn on conservatives 'esculating' violence •

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Opening • Rant: Responses and rebuttals in comments • Public school helps 15 year old get an abortion without telling the parents • Reading: Bill Keller's devotional on public schools and abortion • Audio: Book review on YouTube: Obama Zombies • Andrew Breitbart bets $10k that the leftists can't prove that anyone used the N word • Audio: Ed Schultz exhibits his own particular brand of lunacy - again • Audio: Limbaugh says we have to defeat 'these bastards' • Iowa man joins protest of Obamacare • Rant: If we don't turn the country around in November, we really might face violence • Jokedid time: Indian wants coffee • California will vote to legalize pot in November • Audio: House leader Hoyer confronted on Obamacare taxes • Audio: Rush Limbaugh and leftists inciting violence on TV! • Senate refuses to exempt military, disabled and children from new prosthetic taxes • Karl Rove: What Republicans should do now • Thoughtful quote: 'The Multitude of Fools' •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: The Obama Collectors' Plate
Townhall: Ann Coulter: Oh, Canada!
Informing Christians: Protest cancels Ann Coulter's speech in Ottawa
LivePrayer: Who is right between the religious left and the Christian right?
CBS News: GOP lawmaker Darrell Issa poised to call for special prosecutor
Wall Street Journal: Obamacare's effects are already showing
Breitbart: Kevin Jackson debates David Schuster on tea party violence
Denver Post: '08 Presidential race worker held in damage to Colorado Democrat HQ
Washington Post: Lawmakers concerned as health care takeover foes resort to violence
ABC 7 Denver: Markey received threats over health care vote
The Politico: Coffin placed on Carnahan's lawn
AP News: Dems deal with threats over health care support
YouTube: Clyburn: Health care opponents aiding terrorism
Citizen Link: Teen abortion angers Seattle mom
LivePrayer: Why is a school helping a 15 year old get an abortion?
YouTube: Obama Zombies, by Jason Mattera
Big Government: How the civil rights movement jumped the shark
YouTube: MSNBC's Ed Schultz - I'd cheat to keep Brown from winning in Massachusetts
YouTube: MSNBC's Ed Schultz - It's time for socialism in talk radio
Washington Post: Iowa man joins protest against Obama and health care reform
AP: California voters could legalize pot in November election
YouTube: House Majority Leader Hoyer confronted over Obamacare taxes
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals play victim, seek to criminalize opposition to Obama
CNS News: Senate refuses to exempt veterans, disabled & children from new tax on prosthetics
WSJ: Karl Rove: What Republicans should do now
Facebook: Thoughtful quote on 'The Multitude of Fools'

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ScottyD said...

Awesome Show 100% share facebook, and to others...
Ed Schultz exhibits his lunacy, You are sooo right on track !

When it comes to bias, MSNBC is the worst of the bunch. If they rename their station Obama Network, no one would even blink an eye.