Monday, March 8, 2010


Bill Keller: Muslim man throws daughter off bridge
Eric Massa says he was ousted over healthcare vote

Show No. 047-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations • Sinuses and throat clearing • Rush Limbaugh's thoughts on 'repealing' ObamaCare should it pass • Why it is that employers will off-load employees' health insurance • Limbaugh read by Jimmy Z • Audio: Limbaugh's analysis in his own voice • Audio: Television reports about a sexual predator in Los Angeles • Rant: The parents are derelict of duty and also at fault! • Reading: Bill Keller of LivePrayer on the Muslim man who threw his baby daughter off a bridge • Closeted Republican homosexual in Sacramento arrested for drunk driving • It is good that these charlatans are outed •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Reports and analysis: Eric Massa of New York • Eric Massa says he was ousted over healthcare vote • Audio: Eric Massa interviewed on the radio • Audio: Eric Massa's monologue • Rant: Joking around shouldn't be an 'ethics violation' • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Rahm Emanuel's design that brought the democrats the majority in 2006 • Obama and democrats have less than 8 months to force Obamacare through • Save the SEALs editorial • Reading: Charles Krauthammer: Onward with Obamacare, regardless • Op-ed at Red County: The Fall of Barack Obama •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rush Limbaugh: There's won't be reconciliation or an easy path to repealing Obamacare
KTLA 5: Girl sexually abused by man she met on Myspace
KCAL 9: Los Angeles man arrested, accused of sexually assaulting teen
LivePrayer: Muslim man throws his 3 month old daughter off a bridge
San Francisco Chronicle: Ashburn takes leave amid questions over his sexual orientation
The Politico: Eric Massa: Democrats ousted me over health care
Roll Call: Eric Massa may rescind his resignation
Hotline On Call: Massa implicates Emanuel, Dem leaders
Real Clear Politics: Massa: Rahm Emanuel 'would sell his own mother' for votes
Breitbart: Rep. Massa blasts dems: He was set up, Hoyer lied, may rescind resignation
Washington Times: Save the SEALs editorial
Maritime Tactical Security: SEAL defense fund
Washington Post: Onward with Obamacare, regardless by Charles Krauthammer
Red County: The Fall of Barack Obama

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