Friday, May 14, 2010


Chris Christie rips into reporter at news conference
Labor calls on DHS to stop working with AZ cops
Amazing impersonation of Danny Glover
Show No. 092-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Screwed up opening • Obama in Buffalo defending his jobs agenda • Audio: Obama speaking in Buffalo, revising history • Commentary and analysis of Obama • Audio: Mark Levin comments on Obama's fictional recovery • Music: 'Welcome to Mexifornia' (Lyrics by SonlitKnight) • Audio: Chris Christie slams a reporter • Reading: Jews who cheapen The Holocaust by Dennis Prager • Obama cuts anti-terror funding in New York City • News media ignores LA Teacher/La Raza radical Ron Gochez • AFL-CIO calls on Homeland Security to cease working with Arizona law enforcement • Eric Holder admits that he has not read the AZ law despite criticizing it •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Droid phone runs the Jimmy Z Show • Sarkozy talks about pulling out of the Euro • 70% of Massachusetts voters are against paying for illegals • City of Austin joins in the idiocy, boycotts Arizona • Austin TV station's 'In depth look at Nation's response to Arizona' • Audio: McCain sounds like he wants to secure the border • Audio: Eric Holder can't talk about 'radical Islam' • Audio: The View plays Laura Bush on Larry King • Laura Bush is pro homosexual marriage and pro choice • Homosexual theme: The Ballad of Ben Gay • Homosexual couples challenge federal marriage law • Country singer comes out as a lesbian • She's 'pretty well adjusted' • LGBT community upset over DC Mayor's appreciation of a woman who works with ex-homosexuals • Video of teacher beating a 13 year old student • White House keeps Supreme Court nominee insulated from the press • Audio: Kagan blows her presentation to the Supreme Court • Reading: Kagan blatant chicanery as Dean of Harvard Law School • Danny Glover failed to put his hand over his heart at flag ceremony • Jimmy Z impression of Danny Glover •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Reuters: Obama counters Republican critics on jobs agenda
YouTube: Obama: 'We are headed in the right direction'
YouTube: Obama recovery?
YouTube: Chris Christie smacks down reporter
Dennis Prager: Jews who cheapen The Holocaust
NY Post: Obama to cut NYC anti-terror funding even after Times Sq. bombing attempt
Newsbusters: Media ignore La Raza immigration protester inciting violence
The Hill: AFL-CIO wants DHS to stop working with Arizona state cops
YouTube: Eric Holder admits he hasn't read Arizona immigration bill
The Politico: Holder hasn't read AZ immigration bill
Fox News: Holder admits to not reading AZ's immigration law despite criticizing it
Washington Times: Holder hasn't read AZ law he criticized
Telegraph UK: Nicolas Sarkozy threatens to pull out of Euro over Greece
Rasmussen: 70% in Massachusetts favor ban on public benefits for illegals
YouTube: Austin boycotts AZ travel and business
YouTube: McCain TV ad, 'complete the danged fence'
YouTube: Eric Holder refuses to say 'radical Islam'
ABC News: Laura Bush supports abortion and homosexual marriage
AP: Homosexual couples ask judge to toss US marriage law
Newsweek: Country singer Chely Wright comes out as a lesbian
Debra JM Smith: D.C. Mayor Apologizes For Appreciating Work For Ex-Gays
Chron: Video of Houston charter school teacher beating a student
Chron: Teacher apologizes for recorded beating of a student
Newsbusters: Increasingly opaque White House insulates Kagan from press corps
Mark Levin: Kagan botches oral argument in US Supreme Court appearance
Jewish World Review: Kagan Whitewash
Newsbusters: Danny Glover booed for not putting his hand over his heart
The Politico: Obama biggest recipient of BP cash

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