Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Anne Harpen on recording 'The Power of the Dream'
La Raza: AZ does to Latinos what the Nazis did to Jews
Pelosi defies liberal rule, separation of Church & State
Show No. 090-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Arizona bans ethnic diversity classes • Rant: People are good or bad • Guess what's up in Chicano studies classes in high school • No wonder these kids hate America • AZ Governor Jan Brewer signs into law a ban of ethnic studies • Audio: Idiot Janice Hann, Los Angeles Councilperson, on boycotting Arizona • Rant: Bring snacks and don't spend money in Arizona • LA boycott could hurt Mayor's 'green' agenda • San Diego school district resolves to boycott Arizona • Rant: What Arizona has done is like what the Nazis did to the Jews • Audio: Mexican high school students march in Morgan Hill, CA • Audio: Mexican students rally in a park • San Francisco Chronicle lashes out at the kids who wore the US flag • Nancy Pelosi asks the Catholic Church to help with amnesty • Reading: It is time for civil disobedience, by Alex • Ventura High polls students on sex with parental permission •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Interview: Anne Harpen, conservative singer/songwriter • Recording 'The Power of the Dream' in DC • Long night, lots of love and passion • Writing & recording the song • Music: 'The Power of the Dream' • CD coming soon • How you can get involved • Audio: Joel Osteen on how our decisions affect our family line • Audio: John and Ken interview Jim Clark, who wore the 'Viva Los 1070' to a Phoenix Suns game • Audio: Scary video, Kobe and Lakers tribute song •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Anne Harpen's website
YouTube: 'The Power of the Dream'
YouTube: 'They Change The Rules' by Anne Harpen
WS Radio: Tea Party Radio interviews The Power of the Dream executive producer
American Red Cross: Donate online at the American Red Cross website
Twitter: Follow John rich on Twitter for Power of the Dream

LA Times: Arizona bill takes aim at ethnic studies classes
Politic 365: Arizona Governor signs bill to ban ethnic studies
NBC Los Angeles: LA Considers cutting ties with Arizona
10 News: School Board passes resolution denouncing AZ law
YouTube: Mexican students knock US flag to the ground
San Francisco Chronicle: Live Oak High kids out of control
KRON: Racial tensions high at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill
Fox News: Pelosi urges Catholic Church to play 'major role' in overhauling immigration
Hyphenated American (Alex): It's time for civil disobedience
Ventura County Star: Ventura High sex survey draws ire of parents
KFI On Demand: John and Ken's interview with Phoenix Suns fan
YouTube: New Lakers, Kobe Bryant song (disturbing)

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