Monday, May 24, 2010


Harvey Milk Day (belated): Audio, groans & sighs
Woody Allen wants Obama to be dictator for a time
Closure: One more time on the Beyonce dancers
Show No. 099-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Phoenix Sun Steve Nash, Canadian, on the Arizona immigration law • Calderon impressed a House Rep from Arizona • Arizona seeks to oust teachers who can't speak or teach English • Greta Van Susteren posts a letter from then Governor Napolitano begging for help with illegal immigrants in AZ • Saturday was Harvey Milk Day • Audio: Harvey Milk Day review • Audio Set: Homosexuals and lesbians celebrating Harvey Milk • Sidebar topic: Lesbian girls Youtube channel • Sexual confusion boasted about on Youtube • Hair cuts and 'The L Word' television show • Crazy man talks about Jesus and homosexuality • Rant: Homosexual parents and straight parents •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • A small town in Arkansas mourns two slain police officers • Audio: Report from Arkansas • Woody Allen wants to give Obama dictatorial power • Reading: Commentary on Woody Allen's ridiculous statement • Audio: Charles Krauthammer: The Obama administration is lawless • Audio: Black man on Youtube comments on little girls dancing video • Audio: The View talks about dance video • Rant: What parent doesn't want their talented children to be seen? • Audio: ABC interviews one girl's parents • Debunking the Bunk: Taking apart the parents' rationalizations • Scott Brown's true colors • The Gulf oil spill & Governor Jindal's accusations •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Bright Side of the Sun: Steve Nash calls Arizona immigration bill 'very misguided'
Wikipedia: Steve Nash, NBA player
The Politico: Calderon hits US from House floor
Fox News: Arizona seeks to reassign heavily accented teachers
Gretawire: This will knock your socks off; Look at the date and who signed it
ABC 7 News: California, other states to honor Harvey Milk
YouTube: The spirit of Harvey Milk alive and well!
YouTube: Day 111: Harvey Milk Day :)
YouTube: Harvey Milk Day! Alex Sanchez, But I'm a Cheerleader & Jane Lynch
YouTube: 7 Awesome Lesbians' Channel
YouTube: Harvey Milk Day
YouTube: Harvey Milk Day results
YouTube: Jesus loves homosexuals
NY Times: A small town in Arkansas mourns two slain officers
YouTube: Two West Memphis officers slain, two suspects dead
Entertainment: Woody Allen says Obama should be granted dictatorial powers (seriously)
Vision to America: Woody Allen to make Obama dictator in chief
LA Times Blogs: Obama decides to unilaterally announce secret US missile tests
YouTube: Krauthammer: This administration is lawless
YouTube: Controversy over girls doing Beyonce dance
YouTube: Hot Topics, Dance competition, The View
ABC News: Parents defend little 'single ladies'
American Thinker Blog: Scott Brown shows his true colors
Washington Times: Palin notes oil aid to Obama campaign
Audubon: Oil spill update from the field: Furious leaders defy BP & Coast Guard

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