Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Jan Brewer stands tall speaking out against Obama
Apostate Episcopals ordain first lesbian Bishop
Show No. 095-2010 - This is Show No. 350 overall.

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Opening • Audio: Obama welcomes the President of Mexico • Audio: Mexican President Felipe Calderon swipes at Arizona law • Audio: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer stands up tall • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Analysis of yesterday's elections • Specter's seat and Murtha's seat • Blanche Lincoln and Rand Paul • Obama's Rasmussen number • The coming assault on Chris Christie • Poor girl at Hooters asked to lose weight • Rant: The freedom of companies to build their own reputation • Obama is 0 for 4 in campaigning for democrats • Audio: Rand Paul begs Obama to campaign for the democrat in Kentucky •

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Opening • The Lesbian song • Episcopals ordain their first lesbian bishop • Rant: The Episcopal church is 100% apostate • Arizona's letter to Mayor Villaraigosa over boycott • AZ could stop providing electricity to Los Angeles • Reports from KABC, KCBS and KNBC in Los Angeles • Reading: Jimmy Z on Facebook • Changing my mind on Debbie Schlussel's article • Audio: Drinking with Bob goes off on the mosque at Ground Zero • Analysis and response: Debra JM Smith says adults are making something out of nothing • McDonald's rapper found innocent of disorderly conduct • For some inexplicable reason, Blumenthal lies about serving in Vietnam • Senators loading finance reform bill with pork • 16 illegals sue Arizona rancher! • Obama complains about 'anti-government' rhetoric • Audio: Obama says at a certain point, you've made enough money • Disappointment: Rick Perry spoke out against AZ immigration law

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama tells Mexican President 'we are not defined by our borders'
YouTube: Mexican President Felipe Calderon
NECN: Gov. Brewer calls Obama 'the comic in chief'
NY Times: After 30 years and party switch, career curtain for Specter
Fox News: Democrat holds Murtha seat in special election
Fox News: Lincoln, Halter resume warfare after Tuesday's inconclusive primary
Washington Post: Rand Paul, the tea partiers
Fox News: Blumenthal walks on the backs of those who served in Vietnam
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking poll
Videosift: Palin's 'son' Trig is really her daughter's
Chris Christie: Office of the Governor website
NECN: Hooters employee says company told her to (gasp!) lose weight
Real Clear Politics: Rand Paul begs Obama to campaign for democrat in KY
LA Times: LA region's first two female Episcopal bishops ordained
Hot Air: AZ utility board member responds to LA boycott over SB1070
KNBC 4: Power play over immigration law
KABC 7: Arizona punches back, threatens LA's power
KCBS 2: Arizona to Los Angeles: Boycott us, we'll cut your electricity
Facebook: Jimmy Z: 'Regarding Debbie Schlussel & the mosque at Ground Zero
YouTube: Mosque built at Ground Zero
Debra JM Smith: Adults making something out of nothing
YouTube: McDonald's Rap
News Observer: McPrankster found not guilty in Utah rap case
NY Times: Blumenthal's words differ from his history
McClatchy: Senators load financial overhaul with irrelevancies
Washington Times: 16 illegals sue Arizona rancher
Breitbart: Obama takes aim at anti-government rhetoric
Real Clear Politics: 'I do think at a certain point you've made enough money'
Chron: Perry against Arizona law for Texas


AJ4QM said...

It has taken over a year of listening to your show to find SOMETHING that I disagree with you on. In the eyes of God, there is no difference between murder rape theft etc. God does not have a graduated penal code because there is NO i repeat NO sin in heaven. Mankind however does in fact have a graduated penal code that tells us there are in fact varying degrees of crime. So there you have it-not a bad record overall JZ still glad to have you on our side!

Jz said...

I got a comment from AJ4QM, and tried to publish it and there was some kind of snafu. I can't get it published. I still have it in email.

Please try writing the comment again. If it doesn't work, I'll republish from here. It's an important point, and I'm not sure exactly what I said on the show, but you and I are in agreement - completely. Sorry about the screw up.

Robot said...

Several years ago I went to a United Religions Initiative (I think that's what the UN-sponsored plan is) meeting in Carmel Calif.

The main speaker was an Episcopalian "pastor".

He told the group that teaching Christianity was the only way to obtain salvation was spiritual "malpractice".

From then on I considered Episcopalians as much of a cult as I do Unitarians.