Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Racist LA teacher tries to spin his revolution rant
Recall Ixtox 1 spill in 1979? Gulf oil spill in context
Show No. 094-2010

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Opening • Audio: Michael Savage goes off on Luis Gutierrez,
Obama, and illegal immigration • Audio: Mark Levin on coming civil
disobedience • Audio: Fox News interviews LA high school
teacher and La Raza activist Ron Gochez
• Jimmy Z un-
spins along the way • Audio: Gallup New Mexico bans business
with Arizona • BP Oil spill in context • Debbie Schlussel writes
that the 'Ground Zero Mosque' in NY City cannot be stopped •
Audio: Pamela Geller appears on the Huckabee show • Expects
Muslims to be sensitive to others being insulted • Audio: Leo
LaPorte left Facebook - here's why •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Michael Savage explodes over illegal immigration & Obama
YouTube: Mark Levin, Civil disobedience is coming
Gateway Pundit: Griff Jenkins interviews La Raza teacher Ron Gochez
YouTube: Gallup New Mexico to Arizona: No mas official business
Climate Progress (cache): BP undersea volcano spews 3 million gals a day
Wikipedia: Oil spills in history
Nature.com: Ixtoc 1 oil spill: flaking of surface mousse in the Gulf of Mexico
Debbie Schlussel: To those opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque
Atlas Shrugs: Pamela Geller on 911 Mosque at ground zero
Facebook: Leo LaPorte Facebook rant


Tom said...

Dear Mr. Z,
I live in Abu Dhabi (from Lousiana) and listen to your show as often as possible online. Thanks!

The video of the dancing 7 year olds' has been taken down due to "YAK" copyright infringement!!
I did not get to see it.

I have two daughters and I can imagine how I would have felt. Left coast idiocy, as expected.
Thanks for being here,

Jz said...

Tom, here's a new Youtube link. Wonderful to hear from you in Abu Dhabi! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnTyvqYT3Y8

Also this one, a new video featuring 3 of the girls from the other: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJBJDpdVXQw

Tom said...

Well JZ,
Thanks for the links, I think?
I could only watch about 1:10 of the first and about 0:30 of the second.
My eldest daughter was in dance class when she was younger, She was about the same age, years ago. They had dance recitals, BUT nothing like that!!
Those parents should bring their kids over here. After they (the parents) got out of jail, they would be immediately deported!!
And speaking of deportation...I have been here for over five years, carry my passport everywhere with my visa in it. I was only stopped one time for driving on the shoulder of the road, no big deal.
I guess because I didn't have my "Arab" dress and hat on they pulled me over, damn racist? OR was it because I broke the law??? hmmm!

Thanks for listening,
Love your show sorry you won't be on today.