Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Trying to end organ donor choice in New York
More idiot celebrities lash out at Arizona
Show No. 085-2010

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Opening • Audio: KFI interview of AZ's Sen. Russell Pearce • Expose: Obama, Mr. Transparency, lied outright • Audio: Obama lying about the Freedom of Information Act • Obama lawyers want more secrecy at the White House • Rant: The White House belongs to the American People • Audio: The Transparency Comedy Routine • Rush Limbaugh on New York's compulsory organ donation plan • Rant: On Organ Donation, I am pro-choice • Muslim arrested in attempted Times Square car bombing • Preacher arrested in UK for saying homosex is a sin • Obama's agenda against free speech • Gulf oil disaster coverage • Audio: Obama speaking about the oil spill • Could this be an act of eco-terrorism? •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Census taker comes by The Jimmy Z Show • Reading: Gulf oil articles • Just how bad the oil spill might be is up in the air • Did Obama wait too long to act? • Audio: Ann Coulter on Fox News, Arizona's new immigration law • Audio: Linda Ronstadt lies about the new law in AZ • Rant: The fact that most illegals are one race does not make immigration laws racist • 7% of Arizonans are illegal • Audio: Gloria Estefan lashes out at Arizona • Mark Steyn on Arizona's new law • Audio: Catholic analysis of 'Social Justice' in church •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KFI On Demand: Bill Handel
WND: Obama lawyers want more secrecy at the White House
Rush Limbaugh: Stack of Stuff Quick Hits: Compulsory organ donations
Debbie Schussel: Another 'moderate' muslim, 'not terrorism
Telegraph UK: Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin
The American Spectator: Shutting down free speech
NY Times: On defensive, BP readies dome to contain spill
NY Times: Op-Ed, Gulf oil spill is bad, but how bad?
Washington Examiner: Former NOAA oil spill clean up boss says Obama waited too long
Newsbusters: Ann Coulter: I've never seen any issue lied about as much as AZ law
YouTube: Linda Ronstadt on Arizona's SB 1070
American Power Blog: Gloria Estefan headlines LA illegal immigration rally
YouTube: Gloria Estefan talks against AZ's new law
OC Register: AZ treated rougher than Iran
YouTube: The 'Social Justice' scam

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