Monday, May 10, 2010


Outrageous: Racist LA teacher call for revolucion
Obama speaks out against tech & information
Show No. 088-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Computer monitor died, Jimmy Z Show now produced in wide-screen • Audio: New ad for Net Talk Word • Obama's new nominee to the US Supreme Court • Some liberals not thrilled with Kagan • Update: Sarah Palin's poor decisions • Motivation Truth piece defending Palin's RINO endorsements • Reading: My comment to Motivation Truth • Angry White Dude commentary on Sarah Palin • Palin spin: She's 'shaking things up' • Rant: Sarah Palin is not it • Audio: Los Angeles High School teacher calls for La Raza revolution in the US • Highlight clips • Funny Youtube comments for 'Senor Douchebag' • Reading: Article at the Dakota Voice •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • ESPN's SportsCenter goes political • Audio: JD Hayworth & Gov. Bill Richardson discuss illegal immigration and sports • Audio: Obama condemns tech and too much information • New US push to regulate the internet • Reading: 'Worse Case Conservatism' • Obama administration seeks to cut spending on military personnel • Home invasion leave one dead - suspect pretended to be census worker • Obama going after fishing regulations next • Obama 'czar' was pushing for 'compulsory organ donating' last year! • Rant: If they pass compulsory immigration, I'm saying NO • Immigration: Sports Illustrated columnist calls for sports to be politicized • Arizona market chain fires 300 illegals • Audio: Navy Seal on being acquitted • Vanity Fair interview with Pastor Joel Osteen •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
AP: Elena Kagan picked for Supreme Court
Washington Post: How conservatives will attack Elena Kagan
True Slant: It looks like Elena Kagan could shift court to the right
Motivation Truth: Gov. Palin's Fiorina endorsement, a common sense decision
Angry White Dude: Sarah Palin's slippery slope to RINOsity
Fox News: Palin stands by Fiorina endorsement amid backlash from supporters
YouTube: LA Teacher calls for Mexican Revolt in the US
Wikipedia: Santee Education Complex
Santee Education Complex homepage
Dakota Voice: High School teachers call for Mexican revolt inside the US
ESPN: OTL immigration debate
Real Clear Politics: Obama criticizes new media, iPads, Rumors
Huffington Post: Obama says iPads turn information into a distraction
WSJ: New US push to regulate internet access
Facebook: Worst-Case Conservatism by Joseph R. Ravitts
Newsmax: Obama administration targets military for pay reductions
KHOU: Man killed in home invasion after suspect poses as census worker
ESPN: Public input period for federal fishery strategy has ended
CNS News: Obama regulation czar advocated removing people's organs without consent
Newsbusters: Sports Illustrated columnist wants MLB politicized over AZ law
AZ Family: Pro's Ranch Market fires 300 employees working illegally in the US
Real Clear Politics: US Navy Seal Matthew McCabe on his acquittal
Vanity Fair: Minister of finance, Joel Osteen

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