Friday, May 21, 2010


Metropolis reissue is a jaw dropping experience
Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr on illegal immigration
Felipe Calderon confronted by Wolf Blitzer
Show No. 097-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Pacman on Google • Yesterday's drive to Los Angeles • 1927 science fiction film 'Metropolis' by Fritz Lang • Lost footage found in South America • Driving into Los Angeles • Traffic congested from an immigration protest that closed Wilshire Blvd • The cost to citizens by these protests • Rant: I hope the protesters keep being as obnoxious as possible • Protesters possibly delaying ambulance access to hospitals • UCLA student & illegal alien Nancy Meza led the protest • City of Costa Mesa is a 'rule of law' city • Another big lie: 'No human is illegal' • Audio: John and Ken rail against the protest and Ms. Meza • Poll shows increased support in AZ for immigration law • Photos of the immigration protest closing Wilshire Blvd • Audio: 'Come To The USA' by Ray Stevens • Economic news: Jobless claims rise • Dow drops yesterday 376 • Roubini predicts worse to come •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr. joins Jimmy Z • Immigration and the liberal mind • Government indifference • Liberals want to intrude everywhere but immigration • Voters to come • Holder and Napolitano never read the AZ law • Obama's humiliation to come • Audio: Democrats cheering the Mexican president • Audio: Rush Limbaugh comments on Wolf Blitzer's confrontation with Felipe Calderon • Calderon is Obama's Senor Wences • Audio: Tom McClintock's response to the Mexican president • Elvis Costello cancels Israel concerts • Bill Keller on plans for a Jesus cartoon on Comedy Central • Audio: Jesus Christ Show host talks about a proposed Jesus cartoon

LibertyMind: The official website of Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr.

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KINO: The official 'Metropolis' film page
YouTube: The Complete Metropolis - Official Trailer
LA Times Blogs: LAPD arrests 9 in immigration march that blocked Wilshire
OC Weekly: Rule of Law City Costa Mesa
LA Times: Costa Mesa declares itself a 'rule of law' city
KFI AM 640: John and Ken on demand
KTAR: Poll shows support for immigration law
LAist: DREAM Act protest shuts down Wilshire Blvd.
YouTube: DREAM Act protest shuts down Wilshire Blvd.
YouTube: Ray Stevens: 'Come To The USA'
AP: Jobless claims rise by largest amount in 3 months
AP: Stocks dive, Dow off 376 on world economic worries
CNBC: Stocks to drop 20% more, cash the safest place says Roubini
YouTube: Calderon on AZ immigration law before Congress
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh tears Calderon a new one
YouTube: Senor Wences on The Ed Sullivan Show
YouTube: Tom McClintok's response to President Calderon
Guardian UK: Elvis Costello cancels concerts in Israel
LivePrayer: Mocking Jesus is the new national sport
The Jesus Christ Show homepage

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From one of the "boots on the ground" at the Wilshire Blvd Tan Klan rally: