Thursday, May 13, 2010


Avg wait time at County USC Medical Ctr: 35 hours
Perfect timing: Kerry and Lieberman's gasoline tax
High school basketball team trip to AZ canceled
Show No. 091-2010

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Opening • Oral sex scandal at Oxnard middle school • Cafeteria worker & whistle-blower Sylvia Ramirez fired by the school • Huge deficit posted by US Government in April, 19th straight monthly deficit • Average wait time at County USC Medical Center: 35 hours • Outrageous: Patients concerns posted on monitors in waiting room • The story of Phineas Gage • British website offers genital crabs for sale • Audio: David Horowitz flushes out a radical muslim woman • Kerry and Lieberman unveil new gas tax • New Pew survey shows Americans still support Arizona law by a wide margin •

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Opening • Video: 7 year old girls dancing like the Laker girls • Chicago area high school cancels girls basketball team trip to AZ tournament • Rant: Who are these people to ruin children's lives? • It is time for civil disobedience • Time for the parents to stand up for their children • The biggest problem in this country is not the left wing • Idiocy & Arizona and Nazi Germany • AZ law has nothing to do with racism or discrimination • Rant: This issue is the one that will make or break the country • Audio: Drinking with Bob, ¡Viva Arizona! ¡Viva Arizona! • This issue, fomented by the state of Arizona, is the issue of our time • Lightweight Sarah Palin comments on Illinois high school b-ball team • Sidebar: Hypocrite Sarah Palin speaking out against 'moderate' Republicans • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z: Democrats dropping out of races • The coming category 5 conservative hurricane • Audio: Eric Holder on Arizona immigration law • Audio: Eric Holder on law enforcement's success re Times Square car bomber • Audio: Drinking with Bob on Homeland security • Family Guy creator makes parallel between Arizona and Nazi Germany •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Herald Sun: California school officials investigate alleged oral sex act in classroom
KTLA 5: Sex scandal rocks middle school in Oxnard
KTLA 5: Middle school worker fired for reporting sex scandal
Reuters: US posts 19th straight monthly budget deficit
LA Times: LA county launches probe into County-USC Medical Center emergency room The guy with the railroad spike, Phineas Gage
YouTube: David Horowitz at UCSD exposes a radical muslim woman
American Solutions: Senators unveil new 1,000 page gas tax
The Hill: Kerry dismisses talk of 'gas tax' in climate bill
Examiner: Public strongly supports AZ law
YouTube: YAKfilms 7 year old dancers to Beyonce song
ABC 15: Chicago bans team from Valley over SB1070
Fox Sports: Parents mad that school nixed team trip over immigration law
Examiner: Chicago-area parents in an uproar over high school's cancellation of AZ trip
YouTube: ¡Viva Arizona! ¡Viva Arizona!
Chicago Sun Times: Sarah Palin hits Highland Park High for canceling AZ trip
Register-News: Mollohan out
YouTube: Eric Holder on the AZ law (@5:00)
YouTube: Eric Holder on the Times Square bomber (@3:00)
Truth Dig: 'Family Guy' creator draws parallels between AZ, Nazi Germany

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