Tuesday, May 11, 2010


ESPN: SportsCenter attacks Arizona immigration law
Russian immigrant Alex returns to the show
Shakira shows off endless ignorance
Show No. 089-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Daunting amount of lousy things going on in our country • Update: Racist teacher Ron Gochez • Audio: Ron's greatest hits • Time to call the school and the district • Ron Gochez was not representing the school so it's ok • Would the school leave a member of the KKK alone? • Phone numbers • Ron Gochez' Facebook page • Facebook 'hate Joe Arpaio' page • Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen's wonderful opinion piece • Audio: SportsCenter discusses Arizona's 'bad law' • Sound clips and commentary • Invoking the name of Jackie Robinson couldn't be more offensive • San Diego school district prepares to warn parents about Arizona (fear mongering!) •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Skin Color songs montage • Interview: Alex from the Hyphenated America blog • Audio: Shakira shows off her SB1070 ignorance • Shakira could be detained and arrested • Liberty, freedom and equality • The constitution does not protect people who are here illegally • Shakira with Ryan Seacrest • ABC, CBS & NBC run stories 12 to 1 against Arizona immigration law • Janet Napolitano shut down the 'virtual fence' in March • 10 year old gets a week of detention for having 1 Jolly Rancher candy at school • Audio: Woman can't wait for Obama to pay for gas and her mortgage • Seniors in Georgia told not to pray before their meal

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Fox News Radio: Mexican 'revolution' teacher won't be disciplined
LA Unified School District website
Facebook: Ron Gochez' Facebook page
Facebook: People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Tuscon Citizen: State Senator Sylvia Allen supports SB1070
AZ Legislature: Member page, Sylvia Allen
ESPN: SportsCenter discussion of Arizona immigration law
NBC San Diego: Schools consider condemning AZ law
The Hyphenated American Blog (Alex)
YouTube: Shakira speaks out about the AZ immigration law
YouTube: Shakira's guest appearance on the Ryan Seacrest radio show
Newsbusters: By 12 to 1 ABC, CBS & NBC rip Arizona's immigration law
AZ Central: Napolitano halts funding for 'virtual fence'
Fox News: Student gets detention for possessing piece of candy
YouTube: Obama is going to fill her gas tank and pay her mortage
WSB-TV: Georgia seniors told they cannot pray before meals
Savannah Now: Prayer restored at Port Wentworth Senior Center

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Thanks a lot for another opportunity to talk to you. I truly enjoyed this interview which you conducted with usual professionalism.