Friday, October 15, 2010


Giving Christine O'Donnell a second chance
Michael Stollaire on the CA Governor's race

Illinois: Ballots out late & votes might not count
Show No. 193-2010

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Opening • Some highlights from Christine O'Donnell • Audio: The evolution question again • Bearded Marxist response • Audio: Chris Coons Taxman TV ad • Audio: Michelle Obama on keeping the spirits clean around them • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on clean spirits • Hindu prayer opens Scouting gathering • Animism and 'keeping the spirits clean' • Obamacare lawsuit goes forward • Obama on 'tribal attitudes' and racism • Racism today vs the 60s and the 70s • Nancy Pelosi takes 85 tax payer paid trips in 15 months • Federal Budget Deficit for 2010 is $1.29 trillion (Just under $2.7 trillion over two years) • Bloomberg: Unemployment and food stamps keep the government in the red • The US Dollar falls again • More on Michelle Obama campaigning at a polling place • Dropping the standards for democrats • Audio: Alcee Hastings' classic clip on rules • Audio: Bill O'Reilly sends Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Bejar off the set •

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Opening • White House invites black bloggers to a meeting • Audio: Barack Obama at a closed door meeting with black bloggers • Another story about skyrocketing health insurance rates • Democrats funding campaigns with money from foreign nationals: Proof from Red State • Audio: Union heads admitting money comes from workers who are here illegally • Reality Check with Michael Stollaire • California Governor: Who will you vote for? • Problems with Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman • Why vote for less than great Republicans? • David Limbaugh coming next Tuesday • Illinois absentee ballots sent late to overseas voters • Rant: Why do the voters suffer if the state fails to obey the voting laws? • Writing the Illinois Republican Party • Voters being disenfranchised • Audio: Is the NRA helping democrats? Yes •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Rush Limbaugh: Christine O'Donnell hangs tough
YouTube: Chris Coons the Taxman
Real Clear Politics: Michell Obama on prayer circles out there
Rush Limbaugh: Michelle My Belle: Prayer circles 'keep the spirits clean around us'
SIFY: Hindu prayer to open 100th anniversary of Scouting event in Nevada
Earn Media: 'Keeping the spirits clean around us' by Michelle Obama raises questions
Reuters: Judge lets states' healthcare suit go forward
CBS News: 'Tribal attitude' surfaces in tough times
Washington Examiner: New documents show Pelosi took 85 trips on military aircraft
AP: Government to report on $1.29 trillion budget deficit
Bloomberg: US posts second-largest budget deficit on record
Financial Times: Dollar fall sparks stability warnings
Right Pundits: Michelle Obama campaigns inside a polling place?
YouTube: Bill O'Reilly on The View, on the mosque at Ground Zero
NY Times: White House meeting for black journalists doesn't stay off the record
YouTube: Barry Obama pushes black blogosphere to use web media
Real Clear Politics: Obama says blacks probably don't watch Meet The Press
NWCN: Regence Blue Shield customers notified of skyrocketing rates
Red State: Democrats are funding campaigns with money from foreign nationals
WLS-AM 890: Illinois absentee ballots sent late to voters overseas
Illinois Republican Party: Contact page
Breitbart: NRA helping Pelosi stay speaker?

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OpenView Mike said...

Thanks again, for having me on your show, Jimmy, as you simply have the very best conservative radio talk show on the planet today, and your ability to command interviews with world-class writers, etc. proves that fact.

This year is not about conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, or yes... even those liberals.


Stay Strong and Continue Being a True Conservative Hero and Spokesman,

~ Michael Stollaire