Monday, October 4, 2010


Ed Schultz fails to outdraw Glenn Beck's rally
Communists come out & complain simultaneously

Socialists: Obama is kissing Republicans' butts
Show No. 186-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Comment Line • Paul on suicide • Robert on a multitude of topics • Audio: Woman attacks woman reporter •  Music: 'Don't Take My Pickshaw', Jimmy Z and Angry Woman • Lincoln cartoon by Jimmy Z • Crowd comparison photos • Audio: Remember Ed Schultz said he could outdraw Glenn Beck? • Analysis: Why those attending CommieFest were forced along sides of reflecting pool • Audio: Sound bytes from Ed Schultz' brilliant oration • Audio: Ed Schultz loses it with a caller • Video: Trash at the WWII Memorial • Human Events article reviewing the liberal protest in DC • Al Sharpton's statement: We're not one gender • Jesse Jackson & another trash video •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Video: Socialists at CommieFest • Reading signs and newspapers • Audio: 'Let's go to jail together' • Audio: People at CommieFest talking about Socialism and Obama • When was it that Obama was kissing Republican butt? • Veterans for Peace with the vulgar banner of the day • Audio: Q&A: President of Teachers Unions • Q&A: Al Sharpton on school choice • Q&A to high tech professional • Protester does not appreciate trash all over the Mall • Still photographs, reading more signs • The question is not 'what side is Jesus on?' • Audio: Harry Belafonte goes off on the Tea Party • Schism in the liberals and democrats • Reading: Communist Party USA comes out in the open, complains that we tell people about them • Another interview with 'White House Insider' about Obama and the democrats •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Liberal prostester assaults Human Events reporter at 'One Nation'
The Jimmy Z Show: Lincoln cartoon
The Jimmy Z Show: DC rally comparison, Beck's rally vs. Commie-Fest
YouTube: MSNBC talker Ed Schultz: I could EASILY out-draw Glenn Beck
TwitPic: A number of pre-positioned fences kept people close to reflecting pool
YouTube: Ed Schultz tells 'One Nation' rally 'conservatives are holding you down'
YouTube: Lib talker Ed Schultz has another unhinged melt down with caller
YouTube: One Nation rally, respect for our WWII vets
The Blaze: C-SPAN uses 8-28 crowd shot for 'One Nation' promo
Human Events: One trillion attend One Nation rally
YouTube: Proud socialists march at left wing protest in DC
YouTube: 'One Nation' rally organizers urge supporters to go to jail together
Red White and Blue News: Can we call them socialists yet?
Marooned in Marin: 'One Nation' (of commies, unions) trashing the mall
YouTube: Harry Belafonte lashes out at Tea Party at One Nation
San Francisco Examiner: Rally highlights schism among democrats
The Politico: Liberals to democrats at 'One Nation' rally: It's about jobs
Yes But However: Communist please to America same as the democrats?
News Flavor: White House Insider: Obama battling severe depression


John A said...

Your link, click here, to the audio for Monday 10/4 is Friday's show. That's for both links. Thought you should know.

Jz said...

Thank you so much!