Friday, October 1, 2010


Obama now invoking slaves & slavery in speeches
B.o.B. opens for the President of the United States

Michael Stollaire returns: Internet wiretapping
Show No. 185-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Veteran's family denied tour of the West Wing in the White House • Ecuador upheaval: Police upset over cuts to their benefits • Audio: Jimmy Z yesterday predicting hate crime angle to the Rutgers suicide story • Sure enough: Homosexual activists demand prosecution of a hate crime in Rutgers suicide tragedy • Rant: Hate crimes • Efforts to separate Molly from the crime •Audio: Jimmy Z on the Pledge to America preamble • Audio: Grass Fire podcast hosts discuss Andrew McCarthy's writing about the same • Bob Shrum: Democrats will hold the House and Senate • Response to Shrum at Hill Buzz website • OBAMA'S ENDLESS, PERPETUAL CAMPAIGN • Obama rallies the base, kids in college • Gen44 event • Audio: Obama invokes slaves and slavery • Audio: Obama invokes slaves and slavery again • Rant: Why is Obama talking slavery, regularly now? • Audio: Obama stammering • Obama, the hippity hop President • Checking out hippity hop 'artist' B.o.B. • Lyrics and music by B.o.B. • 'Gangster' and 'I'm That Nigga' • B.o.B. meets Obama, talks hippity hop wit da prez

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • My friend Steve and I go over the Gibson list of the 50 best guitar solos (We cover the top 20) • Two entries for Slash? • Thunder crack at 10:28 • Buzzing the losers in our opinion • Songs that are well worn, well known, not necessarily the best • A few missing items on the list • A few on the list that should be higher (than Chuck Berry!) • Honorable mention to Terry Kath, deceased, from Chicago • The Return of Michael Stollaire & Reality Check • Wiretapping the internet • Warrants from judges in court • Potential for concern over abuse • The language of the bill needs to be reviewed carefully • Coming up in the next Jimmy Z Show • Audio: Gloria Allred on The Mark Levin Show • Meg Whitman's husband's statement regarding the letter from the Social Security Administration •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Todd Starnes: Veteran's family denied White House tour
MSNBC: Ecuador revolt: 'They wanted blood'
USA Today: Suicide shows need for civility, privacy online
MSNBC: Was Rutgers suicide case a hate crime?
Vancouver Sun: Hate crime charges possible in suicide of freshman at Rutgers
CBS New York: Additional charges in Rutgers spy cam saga possible
Grass Fire: GOP Pledge to America preamble
The Week: Democrats will hold the House and Senate
Hill Buzz: Wow. Bob Shrum is completely insane
AP: Obama charges up young voters at concert/rally
Real Clear Politics: Obama: 'I'm impatient about the pace of change'
YouTube: Fired up in Wisconsin
E Lyrics World: B.o.B. - 'Ganster' lyrics (adult, offensive)
YouTube: B.o.B. - 'Gangsta' (adult, offensive)
E Lyrics World: B.o.B. - 'I'm That Nigga' lyrics (adult, offensive)
YouTube: B.o.B. - 'I'm That Nigga' (adult, offensive)
Hip Hop Dx: B.o.B. performs for Obama, makes his iPod
Gibson: Top 50 guitar solos of all time
Mark Levin: Interview with Gloria Allred
CBS News: Meg Whitman's husband: It's possible I saw the letter


sonlit said...

just my humble opinion..... The Sola in Comfortably numb is awesome because of the soaring licks flying across that crashing, nuclear Base.

The combination of the rhythm, Slide and Lead in Layla is the greatest ever. It just makes your head explode with a good set of phones on. Nothing else is even close.

Bohemian Rhapsody? Absolutely THE most nauseating song ever recorded. I have to leave the room if it's on. I FRIGGING HATE that song.

again....just my humble opinion. *grin*

conservativeBC said...

I hope your downloads pick up - I have your banner back at the bottom of cbc and I am getting a lot of page views these days


Jz said...

Jack, thank you very much. I appreciate it big time!