Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Judge orders the end of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'
Mexican investigator beheaded by drug cartel

New York State violating the MOVE act
Show No. 191-2010

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Opening • Quickly: Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman? • Thank you for your email to the show • Audio & Rant: Mercedes Benz stupid driver commercial • Homosexual 'conservatives' win suit, end 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' • Clinton appointed judge affects the future of the US Military • Suit brought by the 'conservative' Log Cabin Republicans • Rant: There is no such thing as conservative homosexual activists • Audio: PBS report on Don't Ask Don't Tell • Update: Woman's husband shot dead by Mexican pirates on Falcon Lake • Audio: CBS interview with wife and mother of man who was killed • Mexican investigator beheaded by drug lords • Please: Don't travel to Mexico! • Citizens believe Mexican government has caused more murders • 29,000 people killed in drug wars since early 2006 • Democrat candidate in Virginia outraged by sexy pictures posted online • White House desperate for votes, lifts deep water oil drilling moratorium • Sarah Palin leaves door open to run for President • Audio: Obama sound bytes from Philadelphia • Joe Biden is kinda cute • Obama screaming this time around • Blames Republicans, says the US Govt is the keeper of the people, throws the race card • Audio: David Axelrod on cigarette advertising to children (?) •

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Opening • Bob Schieffer quizzing David Axelrod • Obama and democrats accuse the Chamber of Commerce of spending millions of foreign money • Scheiffer: 'Do you have any evidence?' No, they don't • New York Times can't find anything out of the norm • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on the Chamber of Commerce accusations • Knock out punch: Scheiffer: 'Is this is the best you can do?' • Fannie Mae patent on residential cap and trade carbon credits • New York violates the MOVE act, ballots not mailed out to military servicemen and women overseas • Suit attempts to make certain these ballots are counted • Harry Reid gets two big endorsements from Republicans in Nevada • Rant: The Tea Party needs to carefully vet conservative candidates • Audio: Latina, racist Labor Secretary speaks to La Raza • Health care costs increasing in New York • My busy weekend and photography jobs • ELECTION UPDATES • Audio: SonlitKnight reports • Comment Line: Steve comments on the fire in Tennessee •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Mercedes 'My Car Did' commercial
CNN: Judge orders military to stop enforcing 'don't ask don't tell'
Wikipedia: Judge Virginia Phillips
YouTube: Judge orders injunction for 'don't ask don't tell'
Christian Post: Obama urged to appeal 'don't ask don't tell'
CBS News: Jet Ski investigator execution reaction
Star-Telegram: Severed head of Falcon Lake investigator delivered to Mexican Army
CBS News: Falcon Lake posts
Reuters: Calderon tries to cut crime in Mexican drug war city
Daily Mail: Congress candidate Krystal Ball left red faced after photos leaked
Gather: Krystal Ball should gaze into a crystal ball
The Atlantic: White House to lift deepwater drilling moratorium
Guardian UK: Sarah Palin refuses to close the door on run for the White House
YouTube: Moving America Forward: Philadelphia
CBS News: Axelrod: Special interest spending threatens democracy
Rush Limbaugh: Obama makes himself look bad with Chamber of Commerce attack
Chicks on the Right: You know what would have been awesome?
YouTube: Schieffer smacks down Axelrod's foreign money accusation
Washington Examiner: Fannie Mae owns patent on residential 'cap and trade'
Fox News: New York violating the MOVE act
Fox News: Feds to sue New York board over military voting violations
Dick Morris: A NY earthquake? GOP eyeing nine house seats
NY Times: Reid receives two GOP endorsements
The Blaze: Obama's Latina Labor Sec tells La Raza they will help 'our people'
NY Post: Health costs to soar

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