Friday, October 22, 2010


Michael Stollaire on the firing of Juan Williams
Jim DeMint will quit if the GOP doesn't change

Ted Nugent's brilliant 'Freedom vs. Sharia Law'
Show No. 196-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Illegals canvassing for votes in Seattle • Ranting: What part of our elections should illegals have a part of? • Audio: 'Don't Vote' ad directed toward Latinos • The Reality Check with Michael Stollaire • Living with liberals • Syracuse University • Audio: Juan Williams speaking about muslims on planes • NPR and Williams' affiliation with Fox News • Speaking out and being punished for it • Democrat campaign tactics • Most Americans feel the same as Juan Williams • Wrap up: Voters in the US and California • Advertising Meg Whitman should run •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music, 'I Am Jimmy Z', Jimmy Z • Mitch McConnell, Jim DeMint & the future of the GOP • Audio bytes: Rush Limbaugh on Jim DeMint and the Republican Party • Audio: Jim DeMint on the GOP • Audio: Limbaugh quotes Winston Churchill • The Big Rant: Sarah Palin, the Republican Party and Conservatism • The polarizing aspects of Sarah Palin • Palin campaigned for John McCain • Mitt Romney & Sarah Palin • Palin quit her job as Governor • What Palin should have done in Alaska • Make Sarah Palin the RNC Chair • Audio: Congressman Jim Moran • Pamela Geller's endorsement removed from Christine O'Donnell's website • Salon's accusations answered • Orange County has the highest job losses • Obama taking credit for Bush-era wind farms • Ted Nugent: Freedom vs. Sharia Law • 10 ugly things said by 10 uglier liberal women •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Washington Post: In WA, illegal immigrants canvassing for votes
ABC News: Latinos for Reform head Robert de Posada defends controversial 'Don't Vote' ad
Human Events: Juan Williams ousted by Hamas Front Group
Rush Limbaugh: Jim DeMint draws line in the sand
Fox News: Will midterms remake the Republican Party?
Breitbart: DeMint: GOP must change or I'm gone
Weekly Standard: Your service doesn't matter
Atlas Shrugs: How afraid they are of one little Jewish bigmouth with a blog
Atlas Shrugs: Christine O'Donnell: Cowardice and lack of character
Talking Points Memo: O'Donnell scrubs Park 51 hater Geller endorsement from website
OC Register: OC tops the big county job loss list
MSNBC: White House takes credit for Bush-era wind farms
Human Events: Ted Nugent: Freedom vs. Sharia Law
I Hate The Media: 10 ugly comments made by 10 even uglier liberal women

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