Thursday, October 7, 2010


Lawyer sues over all male naked mountain retreat
Brit TV: Writer says it is good to kill a suffering child

Tennessee firefighters who let a house burn down
Show No. 189-2010

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Opening • Audio: Gloria Allred says Meg Whitman never offered Nicky Diaz a sandwich • Audio: Larry Sabato's prediction for the House in the midterms • BIZARRE STORY ONESouthern California lawyer sues firm over all male naked retreat with wooden phallus ceremony • New age law firm sounds bizarre • Audio: Testimonies of participants in the Mankind Project • Music: The Ballad of Ben Gay • More details about the Mankind retreat • 'Unwanted attention' brought to Mankind Project • Bloomberg columnist writes about the naked wooden phallus retreat • Material from the Mankind Project website • Reading: What is a man according to Mankind Project • Things that make you go hmmm • BIZARRE STORY TWOAudio: Brit advice columnist argues for smothering a suffering child to death • Audio: Glenn Beck on killing babies • World Net Daily on Peter Singer - scary stuff •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Comment Line calls • Michael Stollaire on CommieFest in DC • Commentary (3) from Robert in Florida • ELECTION UPDATES • SonlitKnight on Republican gains in the House • Poll data and the Senate race in Nevada • BIZARRE STORY THREETennessee firemen let family's house burn down • Audio: Three television news stories from Tennessee • Rant: Rural fire protection, fees, liens and emergency services for citizens • How can firemen stand there and watch someone's house burn down? • Editorial at the NY Times • Audio: Glenn Beck commentary on $75 fire protection fee • Beck's sidekick mocks man who lost everything • Liberal comments on YouTube • Audio: David Letterman last night, on Barack Obama •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Allred: Whitman has mistreated ex-housekeeper
Fox News: Larry Sabato's crystal ball
Real Clear Politics: West Virginia governor in tough Senate race
ABC News: Lawyer sues over attending male retreat
Bloomberg: Naked men search for what matters most
The Mankind Project website
YouTube: Virginia Ironside on child suffering
YouTube: Glenn Beck Part 3 - Must watch
World Net Daily: Bioethicist: OK to kill babies after they're born
YouTube: Firefighters refuse to put out fire
YouTube: Home burns, firefighters refuse to respond
YouTube: Firefighters watch as home burns to the ground
NY Daily News: Firefighters let house burn in rural Tennessee
NY Times: Why firemen let that house burn down
YouTube: Beck on family whose house burned down as firefighters watched
YouTube: Informa2020s channel (Letterman & Axelrod)

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