Thursday, October 14, 2010


The American Lung Association and CA Prop 23
Carl Paladino spoke the truth about homosexuality

Did Michelle Obama campaign in a polling place?
Show No. 192-2010

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Opening • Crazy conservative comment on Resistnet • CHRISTINE O'DONNELL UPDATE • Chris Coons leads O'Donnell by 19 points • Audio: Christine O'Donnell doesn't answer evolution question • Rant: If you get the chance to answer the evolution question, answer it! • Audio: O'Donnell talks about Coons being a Marxist • Audio: O'Donnell blows the US Supreme Court question • Rant: We have to do a better job of vetting candidates • The California Air Resources Board (CARB) • What CARB does, how they affect life in California • CARB using a grossly exaggerated pollution estimate • San Francisco Chronicle outlines diesel regulations based on bad science • World Net Daily article • California Global Warming mandates explained in California Voter Guide • Audio: American Lung Association against Prop 23 • Email to the American Lung Association • ECONOMIC NEWS • Jobless claims up, foreclosures top 100,000 for the first time • Biden declares he will run with Obama in 2012 • Audio: Obama admits that there never were any shovel ready jobs • Audio: Charles Krauthammer on the President's admission • Audio: Michelle Obama on prayer circles • Coming up in Hour TWO •

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Opening • Music: Al Gore's Global Warming Poem Song, by Jimmy Z • THE CHILEAN MINERS RESCUE • American NASA engineer helps design the rescue capsule • Obamacare: White House is going to allow increased insurance rates for new child only policies • Jimmy Z's Facebook comment regarding Obama and the birth place issue • Music: Bo Diddley's 'Say Man' • Transgender person wants to play with the LPGACARL PALADINO'S HOMOSEXUAL STATEMENTS • Audio: Portion of Paladino's comments • Rant: It's time to stand up for what is right, what is true • Carl Paladin is the man: Renew America • Audio: Wanda Sykes, Tim Gunn, Kathy Griffin & Lance Bass on Larry King on bullying • Rant: All kinds of kids are bullied • The perversity of homosexual pride parades • Andrew Cuomo is bashing Catholic teaching • Audio: Ed Schultz all frothed up • The New York gang torture of a homosexual teen • Rant: Violence against homosexuals is as wrong as violence against anyone • Paladino's apology • Rabbi severs ties with Paladino • Did Michelle Obama campaign inside a polling place?

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Resistnet: Investigator's decapitation is 'message to White House'
Google Maps: Falcon Lake, Texas
CNN: O'Donnell, Coons stage feisty debate in Delaware
YouTube: Christine O'Donnell says Coons has Marxist beliefs
Mercury News: Air board overreaching in greenhouse gas reduction targets
San Francisco Chronicle: Overestimate fueled state's landmark diesel law
Orville News: Letter: Retain the global warming solutions
World Net Daily: How do I say this? California was shafted
YouTube: American Lung Association against Prop 23
American Lung Association contact page
Yahoo Finance: Applications for jobless rise to 462,000
Yahoo Finance: Jobless claims point to further Fed easing
Reuters: September home forclosures top 100,000 for the first time
CNBC: Jobless claims, inflation, trade deficit surge higher
AP: Dollar tanks, stocks drop as Bernanke speech looms
Telegraph UK: Joe Biden blurts out that he will be Obama's 2012 running mate
YouTube: Krauthammer slams Obama for 'shovel ready jobs' admission
Real Clear Politics: Michelle Obama thankful for 'prayer circles out there' NASA engineer Clint Cragg helped design Chile rescue capsule
NY Times: US to let insurers raise fees for policies on sick children
Facebook: Discussion thread about Obama's birthplace issue
YouTube: Bo Diddley, 'Say Man'
My Fox Orlando: Transgender golfer sues the LPGA in bid to join tour
YouTube: Paladino: Media lying about homosexual remarks - Full speech
Paladino For The People: Contact page
CNN: Preston on Politics: Paladino takes the GOP of course
Renew America: Carl Paladino is the man
CNN Larry King: Kathy Griffin, Wanda Sykes, Lance Bass & Tim Gunn
Bellingham Herald: Paladino says he supports homosexual rights
Renew America: 'Catholic' Andrew Cuomo bashing Catholic teaching on homosexuality
YouTube: Ed Schultz 'fired up' about Carl Paladino's 'homophobia'
NY Daily News: Gang goes on rampage, tortures homosexual teen
Wall Street Journal: Paladino's speech on homosexuals reverberates down ballot
NY Post: Paladino pressured by family to apologize for anti-homosexual comments
NY Times: Paladino loses Rabbi's support over apology to homosexuals
Drudge Report: Michelle Obama campaigned inside polling place?


Anonymous said...

He's a dude!

It does not matter how they mutilate his body or what they cut off of him, HE is still a DUDE!

Genetically HE is still a DUDE!

And that dirty song that you played during that segment, is VERY offensive to REAL ladies, like myself! Be a gentleman and don't play songs about medicine that is used for a woman's private area.

Jz said...

One of the few times I had to go back into my show to find out what I played - the 'douchebag' song. Yours is the first such commentary about that song - which I have used occasionally for some time now. I'll have to think about this, because - well, let me put it this way.

My goal is NEVER to offend, but doing the kind of show I'm doing, and having the sense of humor I have, there's always the chance that someone would be offended. It would be a pretty lame show if it was so bland as to offend no one. But again, I have no desire to spin a tune or rant in such a way that someone is offended.

And I don't have so many listeners that I want to risk losing some. I like that song because I like that word; the first time I heard the word, I knew a lot of people that it fit. But I understand the complaint and I have taken it to heart and will have to decide if I really can bring myself to retire the Douchebag song.

FYI, there are some women (not transsexuals) who have requested it. Amazing eh?


AngieComics said...


Yes evolution is a scientific theory, but it's a theory that is 99% proved.

The problem here is the mistaken fear of Conservatives that evolution dismisses God. You don't need Creationism to keep God. Evolution simply explains why life is diverse and that unique qualities provide advantage to some lives over others. (BTW does this sound familiar? Evolution in fact is a perfect promotion of individualism over collectivism! That a government hands off approach is the best solution!)

What evolution does not explain is why there is life. That's where God comes in. With God, life exists because He wanted so. Without God, life exists because of random luck.

What few discuss is that mathematically the universe hasn't existed long enough for random elements to assemble in correct order into humans much less our current reality. It's like buying a winning 1 in a million lottery ticket 10% of the time. The odds are a bit stacked in favor of a Consciousness putting His thumb on the scale. And if all the universe obeys mathematical order and not random chaos, then Who set up the order? So evolution explains the rules, but not why there are rules.

First, I can't understand why teachers cannot simply state that one sentence. Is the word God so horrible? So offensive? The usual argument of separation of church and state pertains to government not favoring one religion over another. So as a state employed teacher, if I tell a student, "you decide if life is random without God or purposeful with God." which specific religion am I favoring? Is it Christianity? Islam? Buddhist? Judaism? Scientology? The Force? The Magic Hat God?

Second, science says we need to look for truth. And as any court TV drama, witnesses are required not just to tell the truth, but the whole truth, and nothing but the truth because omission or tangents create an untrue impression. An evolution discussion without any mention of God is not the whole truth, breaking the rule of science.

Pertaining to our political discussions, God plays into government as noted by socialists and communists. Communists tout Atheism, not because all Atheists are Communists, but because all Communists are Atheists. God usurps government power, so those who want big government need less God. While liberals are not Communists, they do tend to reject most individualist notions. And thus God becomes their occasional victim.

The irony is that if students really pay attention to the chapter of evolution, they'll actually find God and Conservatism. Evolution teaches us it's individualism that allows each of us to survive while collectivism and assimilation leads to the destruction of man. God teaches us our purpose here is to make use of the unique individual abilities He gave us in His honor.

The answer is right under our noses.

How's that for an answer? Too bad O'Donnell doesn't have us for her advisers. At least she didn't say, "Hopey changey..."

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are women who like that kind of thing. Then there are ladies who don't.

We are called to do all things unto the Lord. Your best measuring tool, when doing anything, is to ask yourself if you are doing it unto the Lord. It's an amazing measuring tool that will keep us inline and away from doing evil.

On a whole you've got a great show that I really enjoy listening to. You are amazingly talented. And I pray to the Lord for you all the best.

Brian (Robot) said...

The first time I heard you say "douche bag" I winced a bit, then as I was thinking about whether the comment was too crude, you started playing the douche bag song.

I'm generally uncomfortable whenever female hygiene products are mentioned in commercials and even blush whenever someone talks about Tampa Florida.

On the subject of "transgenders", I agree with anonymous, a dude is a dude period.(I even blushed a bit there).

One of my high school friends had a sex "change", which I discovered on out 20-year high school reunion.

I won't mention this on facebook because he has a page there. (Violet Leslie)

I've talked to him since then (I still say "him" because he's a dude, a dude with fake breasts and no pecker, but still a dude) and he says he's still attracted to women. SO in other words, he got a sex "change" only in order to become a lesbian.


for my English essay on him see:

Love the show.


Jimmy said...

Hmmm... It's funny isn't it? Sometimes I have a word that doesn't offend me at all, that I think is funny, but it does offend others and I really had no idea.

Send me a note when you're not listening, and I'll play the song then. LOL.

I don't know that I can play it anymore without feeling bad about it now. *s*