Friday, October 29, 2010


Reviewing the possible GOP candidates in 2012
Nancy Pelosi may resign if Dems lose the House

Chris Christie reacts to undercover union video
Show No. 200-2010

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Opening • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z: Election update • The CA Governor's race • Whitman closing in? • Pelosi & Durbin may have trouble in their respective houses  • Some experts underestimating the size of Republican wave • Democrats campaigning as anti-Obama conservatives • Six Senate races within the margin of error • GOP candidates in 2012: Who's viable? • Bill Clinton tried to get the democrat to quit FL Senate race • Dem campaign closing argument: Personal attacks • Chat room tactics by liberals • John Kerry bitter & frustrated •

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Opening • Music: 'Now's A Fine Time To Leave Us Barack', Jimmy Z (lyrics by Jimmy's Dad and SonlitKnight) • Christine O'Donnell: Let's remember who did what! • Shenanigans: Lisa Murkowski and her write-in candidacy • 150 people on the write-in candidates list • Pelosi and top democrats may resign if they lose the House • Audio: Teachers Union members caught on tape: Teachers Unions Gone Wild! • Audio: Chris Christie reacts to the Teachers Union videos • Audio: Chris Christie talks about how he shut down the liberal spending in New Jersey • NFL gives $341,000 to incumbents • Rant: What is the NFL looking for from Congress? • Audio: Joy Behar says that 'bitch' is a term of endearment • Michelle Malkin comments about the Behar claims • Democrats promoting Tea Party candidates as spoilers •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama, President or puppet? (Hint: He has strings!)
SonlitKnight's Toolbox: Rasmussen Reports
SonlitKnight's Toolbox: Cook Political Report
SonlitKnight's Toolbox: Center for Politics
SonlitKnight's Toolbox: Election Projection
SonlitKnight's Toolbox: CQ Election Analysis
SonlitKnight's Toolbox: Rothenberg Political Report
Wall Street Journal: Clinton asked Democrat to quit Florida Senate race
ABC News: Vote 2010: Democratic closing argument: Personal attacks
Boston Globe: Kerry voices frustration with US political scene
Time: Pelosi and top dems may retire if the lose the House
Politics Daily: Sen. Lisa Murkowski write-in campaign gets boost from Alaska court
Washington Post: Write-ins flood Alaska Senate race
YouTube: Teachers Unions Gone Wild - Volume I
YouTube: Teachers Unions Gone Wild - Volume II
Breitbart: Gov Christie raves over O'Keefe's Teachers Gone Wild' video
Washington Examiner: Chris Christie: How Corzine tried to sabotage my governorship
CNS News: National Football League backs Reid over Angle
Mediaite: Joy Behar 'apology'
Michelle Malkin: Standing tall: The rise and resilience of conservative women
Michelle Malkin: Behar: So what? I call all my close friends 'bitches'
The Politico: Democrats' game plan to hold the House: Divide and conquer

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