Monday, November 1, 2010


Jentezen Franklin's stirring 'Protect the Foundation'
The 'Sanity' rally was, well, pretty much crazy

Sarah Palin: 'Why would I support the RINO?'
Show No. 201-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Drudge headlines today • Audio: Jimmy Carter on Fox News • Rant: The courts are ruling over us • Obama's 'accomplishments' • Harry Reid & Sharron Angle • Bizarre Reid television ads • Angle tells reporter, 'I will answers those questions when I am the Senator' • Undecided may break for Angle • JENTEZEN FRANKLIN: Protect The FoundationJudges, Abortion, Marriage, Freedom of Speech & Support of Israel • Music: 'Stand', Billy Ray Cyrus •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'America Rising', Jimmy Z • Reading: Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert's rally in DC • Bits & Pieces on Steward & Colbert • Audio: Excerpts from 'Sanity' rally • Audio: Brilliant commentary from Drinking With Bob • Jon Stewart & Obama • Voter Fraud • Tuesday Is Just The Beginning • Audio: Muslim insurgent firing mortar rounds is blown to hell • Audio: Sarah Palin talks about media scheming to attack Joe Miller • Media plots to attack Joe Miller • Audio: Sarah Palin hypocrisy: Why would she support the RINO Mike Castle? • She supported McCain! • Rant: I can't believe Sarah Palin is saying this • SonlitKnight: Why is Obama spending so much time in Ohio? • Obama appears before a thin crowd • Audio: Montage of Oprah Winfrey introducing people • Audio : Barbara Boxer parody from David Zucker •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Jentezen Franklin's website
The Drudge Report
YouTube: Jimmy Carter: Fox News implants false images of Obama
The Daily Beast: Obama's morning-after plan
Las Vegas Review-Journal: Republican Angle delivers deal-closer ad
CBS News: Sharron Angle campaign shuts out CBS, NBC affiliates
Las Vegas Review-Journal: Michelle Obama to help Reid wrap up race
Facebook: Jimmy Z: Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert
Washington Examiner: Jon Stewart gets laughs, but now the joke is on Obama
MTV: Jon Stewart closes 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear'
YouTube: Restoring Sanity rally, racism and rage
YouTube: What we saw at the Stewart-Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity
YouTube: DrinkingWithBob's channel
YouTube: No more Allah Akbars
YouTube: Sarah Palin: Audio of 'corrupts bastards' in media conspiring against Joe Miller
Breitbart: Caught on tape: Reporters overheard plotting smear against Joe Miller
Glibberal: Joe Miller misused colleagues' computers for political purposes
Breitbart: Palin on Alaska reporters: 'Corrupt bastards'
NY Times: Thin crowd for Obama Cleveland campaign rally
Washington Examiner: Democrats making excuses for poorly attended Obama rally
YouTube: Oprah montage
YouTube: Call Me Senator: From David Zucker


Anonymous said...

I would rant over Sarah Palin's comment as well, "Why would I support a RINO" lol, really Sarah? Really? What was John McCain? He is the definition of a RINO, what about her Cali endorsements? BTW Sarah, I think Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins and Onlympia Snow may need you tomorrow, go hang out with them....oooops wait Sarah, I forgot Arlen is no longer a republican you do not need to go help him or Charlie Crist. Ridiculous.

Jz said...

Great comment. Thanks for the support, Anon.