Monday, November 8, 2010


Straight talk from Chris Christie on Meet the Press
NY Times: Replace Nancy Pelosi with a better liar

John Boehner promises to repeal Obamacare
Show No. 206-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Email about Obama on the dollar bill (reprise) • Where 'scraped off the ceiling' came from • Audio: Sound from Obama's post election interview on 60 Minutes • New feature on automobiles, bad for kids, great for parents • Audio: Chris Christie on Meet the Press, very impressive again • Cutting spending across the board • The Tea Party, a net positive • Delaware is missed opportunity • The Bush Tax Cuts • Audio: Michael Savage on Obama's trip to India • Complex logistics of the Obama trip to India • Republicans moving to cut state budgets across the country • NY Times editorial: Nancy Pelosi isn't a good enough liar

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'The Days of B. Hussein', Jimmy Z • Economic Report: Ben Bernanke's super tax on America • The return of Keith Olbermann: A ploy for ratings? • Audio: Jimmy Z on April 8, 2010: Obama and the START Treaty • Obama wants the Senate to ratify START during the lame duck session • AARP raises insurance prices on their employees • THE JIMMY Z OUTTAKES & BLOOPERS REEL • Audio: John Boehner is going to repeal Obamacare • Audio: YouTube singer: 'BP Kiss my Ass' • Audio: Rudy Giuliani on The View, booed for suggesting that Palin would be better than Obama •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CBS News: 60 Minutes: The full interview with Barack Obama
USA Today: Now your car will text you if your teen drives too fast
YouTube: Governor Christie on 'Meet The Press'
YouTube: Michael Savage: Why is Obama going to India with such full force?
Daily Mail: Obama's India visit: Bomb proof tunnel at the Ghandi museum
NY Times: State Republicans, facing deficits, promising big cuts
NY TImes: A new leader for the Democrats
Market Ticker: America's alarm clock has rung: Time's up
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: Michael Stollaire: Economic Easing
NY Times:  Keith Olbermann can return to MSNBC on Tuesday
The Jimmy Z Thursday Show: 8 April 2010
Defense News: Obama wants current Senate to pass Russia treaty
Fox News: AARP raises costs for employees' insurance plans
YouTube: Boehner: 'Trust me, I'm going to make sure Obamacare is never implemented'
YouTube: BP Kiss My Ass
YouTube: Rudy Giuliani scolds 'View' audience when he's booed

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