Wednesday, November 3, 2010


California's utterly disastrous election results
Corrine Brown is inexplicably re-elected in FL

Obama's birthplace is a dead issue - sorry
Show No. 203-2010

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Opening • The football analogy: Yesterday was the kick off • Sharron Angle & Christine O'Donnell • O'Donnell lost by 28 points • California's election was a disaster • Audio: Christine O'Donnell on why she lost, Karl Rove, etc • Rant: There is a lesson to learn here • Audio: Limbaugh on Whitman and Fiorina • Audio: Limbaugh on Karl Rove & Christine O'Donnell • Harry Reid's Las Vegas shenanigans • Reading: Jimmy Z: Facebook column about the California electionsSonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • The good news: A historic election • Why couldn't we beat Harry Reid? • Time to replace Michael Steele •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • More election results with SonlitKnight: The Governors races • Huge wins in battleground states • Senate results, and Obama's Supreme Court appointments • Possible democrat defections to the Republican party • Voter fraud • Arrests in Chicago at polling places • Rant: The issue of Obama's birthplace & getting the real work done now • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Robert's latest calls and comments • Encouragement from North Carolina • Cindy calls about Governor elect Brown's pensions • Ray: Jihad and 9/11 • Audio: Michele Bachmann on MSNBC with Chris Matthews • Audio: Portion of John Boehner 's speech last night • CORRINE BROWN RE-ELECTED • Audio: Crazy Corrine Brown's 'Go Gatas' presentation • Audio: Phone call and TV ad from Corrine Brown •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
ABC News: Republicans pick up key House seats, Pelosi predictions
NY Daily News: Christine O'Donnell blames lack of GOP unity for her defeat
YouTube: Christine O'Donnell blames Karl Rove for not showing support
YouTube: Rush rips Karl Rove and asks him what lesson is there to learn
The Politico: Sharron Angle files voter intimidation complaint
Weasel Zippers: Reid campaign illegally coordinated with Union
Facebook: Jimmy Z: To My Ignorant California Friends
Barbara Boxer projected to win a fourth Senate term
CBS Chicago: 2 election judges arrested, 2 others tossed from polling places
Sacramento Bee: Capitol Alert: The Jerry Brown pension puzzle
OC Register: The mystery of Jerry Brown's pension
Newsbusters: Bachmann zings Matthews: Have you lost your tingly leg thrills?
The Politico: Change starts tonight
WOKV: Corrine Brown wins re-election
YouTube: Corrine Brown ad
YouTube: Corrine Brown's free lunch for votes
YouTube: Corrine Brown, Go Gatas (with subtitles)


Anonymous said...

Just got done listening to the show, and it was perfectly executed sir, glad you are back and I wanna thank your caller Jimmy for his kind words for the fill in I did for you, and I agree like I have said you are the Rush Limbaugh of internet talk radio. If ya find out who sent that call tell them I am honored and humbled by their kind words.

Christopher Fredrickson

Jz said...

You got it brother.