Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here we go: North Korea fires at South Korea
Bobby Jindal on Obama's response to the oil spill

How bad will the eco-Nazi SB32 be for California?
Show No. 217-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Mid-East opening: The Jammah Zhee Show • People online angry at Jimmy Z for pointing out satire story • Audio: New Ford plant built in Brazil, not America - thanks to the UAW • Music: 'I'm So Ronery', Kim Jong Il • North Korea fires at South Korea • Muslims board airplane in Canada without lifting their veils • Questionable: Website report that 'DHS Secretary' is considering exemption for muslim women • Story behind the video: Young boy 'strip searched' by the TSA • Music: 'Help You Make It To Your Flight ', Buck Howdy • How liberalism self- destructed • Nancy Pelosi is ready to kill her own caucus • The DREAM Act = amnesty • Audio: Gov. Bobby Jindal on Meet the Press • TSA search procedures • Gulf Oil Spill and the Obama Administration •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Bobby Jindal on the Federal bureaucracy • No plans to run for President • Audio: ABC News report on the TSA rules and search procedures • George Soros group pushes Obama to govern by Executive Order • Lame Duck Congress to-do list • CALIFORNIA POLITICS & GLOBAL WARMING • An overview of SB32 and what it means for my state • Details of regulations, fees and costs to come • Audio: Obama heckled in Connecticut (October) • The Obama Adminstration demands Health Insurers spend 80 to 85¢ per Premium dollar on health care • Audio: Portion of David Horowitz interview on Newsmax • Pelosi criticizes John Boehner for crying •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
NY Daily News: Park51 developers apply for $5M federal grant
Detroit News: Ford's most advanced assembly plant operates in rural Brazil
AFP: North Korea fires artillery barrage on South
Toronto Sun: Lifting the veil on airport security (August 2010)
YouTube: Women wearing muslim garb board planes
Gateway Pundit: OMG: Bib Sis considers giving exemptions to muslims (questioned by Jz)
YouTube: Young boy 'strip searched' by TSA
YouTube: Help You Make It To Your Flight (Song parody) - Buck Howdy
The Politico: Opinion: How liberalism self-destructed
CFIF: Nancy Pelosi's plan to kill her own caucus
Fox News: Jindal: Time to stop apologizing for America
MSNBC: Meet the Press, Sunday, 21 November 2010
ABC News: TSA responds to passenger outrages
American Thinker: Soros' CAP gives Obama his orders to subvert the will of Americans
AP: Lengthy to-do list awaits lame duck session
CA Governor's office: Gov. Schwarzenegger signs landmark legislation to reduce Greenhouse gas
DM2: New regulatory program could raise gas over $9 per gallon
YouTube: Obama gets heckled during speech
One News Now: Health plans must spend premiums on medical care
Newsmax: David Horowitz interview: Democrat Party will disappear
Fox News: Pelosi says incoming Speaker Boehner 'known to cry'

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