Friday, November 26, 2010


The Two-Way Guide to Media Perception
Show No. 220-2010


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1st Segment: Christopher plays audio from Andrew Wilkow filling in for Mark Levin where Andrew calls Rachel Maddow a “little boy” and discusses how the left wing bloggers and gay activist groups call Wilkow homophobic, uneducated, and vile. Then Christopher plays the audio of Keenen Thompson from SNL, playing Charlie Rangel calls Maddow “a little boy” and the perception is, it was satirical, and witty. Christopher then discusses why JFK could not get the democrat nomination in this day in age because he would have been rendered a GOP Trojan Horse. Audio of a speech given by JFK.

2nd segment: Christopher discusses the various news stories today on The Drudge Report and revisits how 1 in 6 college women have at some point been molested and 1 in 5 americans have some sort of mental illness and how that plays in with the TSA. Christopher also discusses actions that can be taken when being ready to be frisked by the TSA

3rd Segment: Christopher discusses the recent IRS investigation into Jewish groups for their support for Israel, and the language in the article suggests the firm investigating (Z Street) is actually a Ron Paul front group. Christopher's Rabbi, Sha'ul Dog joins Christopher for the discussion

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Maddow/Rangel SNL Skit
Huffington Post: Wilkow calling Maddow a Little Boy and Perez Hilton a Vile Sodomite
YouTube: JFK on taxes
The Politico: IRS To Jewish Group: Does Your Organization Support The Existence of Israel
Podomatic: Sha'ul Dog's Sermon
Sha'ul Dogs Social Network


Anonymous said...

Jimmy, I thought you said you would not call me out in public like you did, and you still have not told me what is false about the Bible, which is the only thing I study. You said "messianic cult" for your own agenda, tell people to google Christian cult while they are at it. This is underhanded sir very very underhanded.

Jz said...

I realize that this is something you would not appreciate, but I had to be up front and honest with my listeners, Christopher. The fact is, I fear for your soul in the direction you are going. There is no other way to say it - This is a cult you are involved with, and I pray earnestly that your eyes will be opened. I'm sorry what I have done here is hurtful, but honestly the truth is that your eternal soul is in peril. I say this because I care about you.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

Do you want to talk "underhanded," Christopher, you little egghead!

Let's talk what you did on your show, saying that my emails that were in response to your emailing me, were laced with "profanity!"

You are no gentleman, Christopher, lying about a lady! Shame on you!

Here is what I posted on my site about you:

I included your audio, but did not say who you are, as I am not about to give you exposure.

You are a pitiful excuse for a man.

Shame on you!

Debra J.M. Smith