Friday, November 12, 2010


Question: Why was selling 
a pedophile book in the first place?
Sacramento area school tells boy to remove 

American flag from his bicycle
Was George Soros a Nazi collaborator?
Show No. 210-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • removes pedophile book • Audio: Portion of John & Ken's interview with pedophile book's author • Rant: Sexual perversion being spread by • Audio: Rush Limbaugh talks about crying quarterbacks in the NFL • School makes boy remove American flag from his bike • Audio: My call to the school • Audio: Television report about the flag removal • Rant: Get involved, make the call • Audio: Interview with school Superintendent •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Michael Youssef's prayer for America • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Robert on the new TSA pat-down procedure • Robert talks about Obama being a Christian • SonlitKnight on the Debt Commission report • SonlitKnight on possible voter fraud in Nevada • Audio: Bill's message to Denair Middle School • Muslims respond to new TSA pat-down policy - as predicted • Travel industry people set to meet with DHS Sec Janet Napolitano • Hamas burns down water park in the Gaza Strip • Nancy Pelosi wants a vote on the DREAM Act • Rant: I'll go for allowing those who serve in the military a fast track to citizenship • Glenn Beck's series on George Soros • Was Soros a Nazi collaborator? • Audio: Glenn Beck on George Soros • Audio: Interview with George Soros saying he feels no regret • Audio: Antonio Banderas commercial for Obama in 2008 • Audio: Writer Alice Walker speaks glowingly of Barack Obama in 2008 •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KFI 640am: removes pedophile book from it's website
The Jimmy Z Show: September 8, 2010
KFI 640am: On Demand: John And Ken
Rush Limbaugh: NFL News: Crying Chads in Miami
Google: Search for Denair Unified School District
Fox 40: Sacramento: School makes boy take American flag off bike
Fox 40: Kid told to remove flag from bike
Denair Middle School website
Fox 40: Interview with school Superintendent
CNS News: Muslim group advises women wearing hijabs to allow pat-downs only on head and neck
Reuters: Pilots and passengers rail at new airport pat-downs
US Travel Association: Contact page
Spiegel: Hamas' tightening it's grip on power, targeting fun in the Gaza Strip
The Politico: Nancy Pelosi wants DREAM Act vote
Red White & Blue News: Soros' five step plan to bring down America
The Blaze: Beck responds to ADL statement calling his Soros report 'horrific' and 'offensive'
Conservative Culture: Soros: Nazi collaborator
YouTube: Your enemy, George Soros
YouTube: Antonio Banderas commercial for Barack Obama (2008)
YouTube: Writer Alice Walker endorses Barack Obama (2008)

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