Wednesday, September 8, 2010


How to molest children manual is legal in Florida
Interview: Darla Dawald of ResistNet talks
about this weekend in New York City
Show No. 168-2010

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Opening • Ack! A coffee shortage?!UPDATE: Burning Korans • Audio: Pastor Terry Jones on Islam • Terry Jones: 5 reasons to burn the Koran • Audio: News reporter reads a gerbil story (Adult content) • Manual instructs how to molest children and get away with it - and it's legal • Rant: Freedom of speech? • UPDATE: Rifqa Bery • Angry muslim sues Pamela Geller over Rifqa Bery • Pamela Geller on burning Korans • Audio: Pamela Geller on Fox News • LA Police shooting • Drunk man threatening pedestrians • Protesters want police unable to enforce the law • Protests increase during the week • Audio: KTLA 5 report • Rant: Lethal force was justified •

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Opening • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Darla Dawald of • Music: 'Have You Forgottten', Darryl Worley • The Grassfire petition drive to stop the mosque at Ground Zero • Effectiveness of online petitions • WE are the media now • Petitions to be dropped off at Mayor Bloomberg's office • Saturday's 9/11 protest at Ground Zero • The boldness of Islam in America • Location of protest, everyone is welcome • Pastor Terry Jones and the burning of Korans • Freedom to do something vs whether or not we should do something • Respect and civility • The potential for more violence in Afghanistan • Postscript: Email note from a soldier in Afghanistan •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Bloomberg: Coffee futures extend rally as supply lags behind demand
YouTube: Pastor Terry Jones Koran burning
Dove World Outreach home page
YouTube: Armageddon - The Gerbil Story
NY Daily News: Step by step manual on how to molest children legal in Florida
ABC News: Manual on how to molest children is legal, cops say
Fox News: Runaway Christian convert from Ohio gains legal US residency
Atlas Shrugs: Geller on the Dove Church Koran burning
Atlas Shrugs: $10 million lawsuit filed against Geller
NBC Los Angeles: Crown protests MacArthur Park officer involved shooting
NY Daily News: Protest against LAPD shooting of Central American immigrant turns violent
Beverly Hills Courier: Dozens protest officer who fatally shot man near MacArthur Park
LA Times: LAPD summoned to quell angry protest over fatal police shooting
KTLA 5: Violence continues for 2nd day in Westlake District
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Jimmy Z said...

Folks: I am doing something I've never done before - I am going to post a comment from a fan of the show, but I'm editing it somewhat. I found that the comment was potentially hurtful in some passages, so much so that the point was lost along the way.

And for the record, I find Ms. Dawald to be informed and knowledgeable. We here in the States, gathering information from, generally, the right, have a lot of information that leaves us quite wary of the Islamic agenda. I read at one point that 80% of mosques here are teaching anti-American material to their followers.

There are still many who believe that Islam is by and large a peaceful religion, along the lines of Christianity. I happen to not share that viewpoint.


Juantos Calama said...

Hey Jimmy,
I am not going into details as there is no room here but your guest, Darla, admitted she does not know much about Islam. Therefore all she did was spout a bunch of serious DISINFORMATION!!!
Especially regarding the Dome of the Rock. She needs to do her homework and research before she spouts off about something she knows nothing about.
She is only interested in her 15 mins of fame for this protest.
[As the National Director of ResistNet, she has notariety anyway. I would say that Pamela Geller is pursuing publicity for the protest too, not for herself as much as for what she believes in. There is that distinction and I believe it to be true for Ms. Dawald as well. --Jz]
I personally don't think that mosque will be built anyway. Greg Gutfeld is doing more by opening up his gay bar for Muslims next door than all of the so called "protests" will ever do.
You really need to replay what she said and check the validity of the crap that came out of her mouth.
[I think this is overly harsh. My impression is that Darla was correct about most of what she has talked about, but I'm reading the same material about Islam that she is probably. If Muslims disagree with these 'extremists', they better speak out in large groups in American mosques toot sweet. --Jz]
If you would like, I will break it down for you in a separate email. Let me know if you want me to do the research on your guests prior to them making a fool out of you as well as themselves.
Fact: she is full of it and only a "glory hound". Much like that stupid terry jones in FL with a "church" of fifty people burning korans. Stupid, just stupid. BTW, that subject is the only thing she said that made sense.
[I find that Ms. Dawald is neither 'full of it' or a 'glory hound'. Sure, she has to like being involved and unafraid to have her name in the public. But that's a different thing altogether. And it's interesting that you and she have found common ground criticizing that pastor. I'm no fan either, but when I listened to what the pastor had to say about Islam, and the danger to America from the growing Islamic faith here -- when we look at Europe! -- I find the pastor's words about Islam to be spot on. --Jz]

Jimmy, You know me, you know where I am coming from and you know I was a bit upset listening to Darla's drivel so I guess my above comment was a bit harsh!

BUT, there is one other thing that all the uninformed, stay at home, American couch potatoes, that the totality of all their news comes from the MSNBC, CNN, FOX, or a bar stool, etc. instead of REAL life experience:
Burning of the Koran not only puts our troops in harms way but also us Expats here in the ME and elsewhere in the world.
Before the "talking head" idiots start spouting off their "holier-than-thou" BS. Do some research, present sources and possibly an intelligent discussion on a topic may be had. OTHERWISE SHUT UP!!!

Your ME investigator,

Juantos Calama said...

In view of your response to my comments:
I did some further research on ResistNet and Ms. Dawald, in particular.
I want to publicly apologize for my rant.
There are still a few details that are questionable of which I will relay to you in an email.
They seem to be patriotic.
Again, apologize for the rant but we are just so tired of being the brunt of BHO and American jokes from Arabs as well as European and other westerners here in the ME.
Luckily we are not concerned too much about being killed as our Brothers across the Persian Gulf from us.
Regards and prayers for your Father,