Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Lady Gaga speaks out against Don't Ask Don't Tell
Obama's aunt living off of the America tax payers
Christine O'Donnell on Hannity: Audio clips
Show No. 178-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Health insurers plan to stop issuing new child-only policies • On insuring pre-existing conditions • White House angry over insurance companies' decision • CA legislator and health care advocates fuming • Rant: Should government be able to force insurance companies out of business? • Did Obama attend church to see a muslim speaker? No • Beck's 'Blaze' site confirms the story is false • LADY GAGA GOES POLITICAL • Audio: Lady Gaga's video about Don't Ask Don't Tell • Audio: Lady Gaga's speech in Portland against Don't Ask Don't Tell • Rant: Lady Gaga does not understand the military • Losers: Repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell failed, even attached to a military spending bill • Rant: This generation believes that homosexuality is fine • Marine Corps leader is against lifting the ban on homosexuals serving openly • Latest polling in Delaware for Senate race •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Barack Obama's aunt ungrateful, demands citizenship • Government housing ahead of American citizens • Same judge who ordered her out of the country orders her amnesty • Audio: Christine O'Donnell on Hannity last night • Waiting for Coons' endorsement • Witchcraft • Personal attacks rather than speaking to the issues • Erroneous tax lien from the IRS • Decision not to do the Sunday talk shows • Politics and faith • Michelle Obama says that being First Lady is hell • Preview: Republicans to announce a new contract with America • Obama talks about Mexicans being here first •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
LA Times: Big medical insurers to stop selling new child-only policies
The Post & Email: Obama goes to church to hear a muslim speaker (false)
The Blaze: Did Obama finally attend church to 'hear a muslim speaker'?
Facebook photo: Schedule of speakers at St. John's Episcopal, 19 Sept 2010
Wikipedia: Lady Gaga
YouTube: A message from Lady Gaga to the Senate, 16 Sept 2010
YouTube: UNCUT: Lady Gaga's Portland speech
E Online: Is Lady Gaga a lesbian?
AP: Man chosen to lead Marines against lifting gay ban
Wall Street Journal: Coons takes big lead in Delaware
YouTube: Zeituni Onyango is an ungrateful jerk
WBZ-TV: Video Archive: Zeituni Onyango
YouTube: Sean Hannity interviews Christine O'Donnell (part 1)
YouTube: Sean Hannity interviews Christine O'Donnell (part 2)
NY Daily News: French govt denies book's claim Mrs. Obama said being First Lady is 'hell'
Real Clear Politics: Obama says 'Mexicans were here before America was an idea

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