Friday, September 24, 2010


Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez caught race baiting
A thoughtful liberal: Velma Hart on Hannity

Reid and Angle supporters brawl at forum
Show No. 180-2010


Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Jimmy Z on extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the poor and middle class • Robert from Florida - two timely messages • Rant: Will Republicans be willing to do what we want them to do • Audio: Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez caught race baiting • President of Iran is a truther: US delegation walks out on speech • Chris Christie vetos funding, Planned Parenthood shutting their doors • Bill Keller on Christie and Planned Parenthood • Audio: Obama heckled at fund raiser by militant homosexuals • Audio: Sean Hannity hate call • Audio: Sean Hannity interview with Velma Hart (she was exhausted from defending Obama) •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Closing moments of Hannity's interview with Velma Hart • Audio: Clips from Rush Limbaugh's speech at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia • Obama and America's future • Funny story about attending a Hollywood premier with Cindy Adams • SonlitKnight and Jimmy Z • The Republicans, a third party and the coming 2 years under Obama • Tough talk about RINOs and democrats • John McCain in 2008 • Maryland Republicans chose O'Donnell over Castle even though Castle was a lock • Election 2012 • Ridding the GOP of the RINOs • Chris Christie's New Jersey • False email claims new 3.8% on all home sales • Democrats failed to vote on Bush Tax Cuts • Democrats failed to pass the Disclose Act •

Hour THREE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Sharon Angle and Harry Reid supporters in a Brawl at candidate forum • Audio: Strange person on Youtube goes after Sharon Angle in Nevada • Congress votes to eliminate term 'mental retardation' from federal laws • T-Mobile claims to have the right to pre-approve text customers • Audio: Tea Party HD's video on Green Energy, Al Gore, and population • Details about the Republican's treatment of Lisa Murkowski • Senator Jim DeMint's email concerning Murkowski • Obama's back yard appearance • Parts of Obamacare taking effect this week that will cause premiums to increase • Page of democrats with their dirty deeds linked •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
AFL-CIO: Bush Tax Cuts for the rich leave rest of us with big bill
YouTube: Race-baiting democrat congresswoman tells Latinos about the Vietnamese
Washington Post: Iranian President: 9/11 was a US conspiracy
Guardian UK: Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's 9/11 claims cause UN walkout
National Review: Christie veto shuts down abortion clinics
LivePrayer: Governor Christie terminated $7.5 million in Planned Parenthood funding
The Blaze: Obama heckled at Manhattan fundraiser
Hannity: Hannity videos and sound bytes
Rush Limbaugh: Rush speaks at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia
Fact Check: A 3.8% 'sales tax' on your home?
NY Times: Senate democrats delay a vote on Bush Tax Cuts
Wall Street Journal: Democrats delay vote on extending Bush Tax Cuts
Washington Post: Senate democrats again fail to pass campaign disclosure
CS Monitor: Why democrats are trying again on campaign finance
Las Vegas Journal: Brawl erupts between Reid & Angle supporters
YouTube: Sharon Angle attacks autistic people
AP: Congress changes intellectual disability wording
Wired: T-Mobile claims right to censor text messages
YouTube: Green Energy from Tea Party HD
The Politico: Murkowski keeps committee slot
Jim DeMint: Email to supporters about Senate GOP helping Murkowski
CS Monitor: Senator Jim DeMint and 'tea party': Architects of GOP makeover?
The Politico: DeMint chides GOP senators for protecting Murkowski
AOL News: Healthcare reforms that start on Thursday
Moonbattery: Democrat Dirt Dish list, names and links

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