Friday, September 3, 2010


Obama plans to cut Social Security next
'DocsForPatientCare' push for repeal of Obamacare
Irony: Sheriff Joe sued by the Justice Department
Show No. 165-2010

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Opening • Stephen Hawking says God didn't create the universe • Audio: Stephen Hawking jokes • Missed the Boxer & Fiorina debate • Audio: Jobs question to Fiorina & Boxer • Clean energy jobs • Closing statements • Email • Obama & Social Security: Liberals are freaking out • Audio: No tax increases montage •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Joe Biden 'Real Men of Genius' • Reading: Doctors coming together to inform their patients about Obama • Audio: Obamacare from the Doctor's perspective • Rant: Inefficient use of time on the show • Facebook engagement announcement leads to murder - suicide • Wyoming man donates $1.5 million to defense of SB 1070 • Sheriff Joe Arpaio sued by the feds • Long day, early morning today • 4 decapitated bodies hung from a bridge in Mexico • Another member of the Congressional Black Caucus with questionable ethics • Bad news for democrats: Ohio voters prefer George W. Bush! •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Telegraph UK: Has Stephen Hawking ended the God debate?
YouTube: Search results: Boxer, Fiorina
AP: Economy tops 1st Boxer, Fiorina debate
CNBC: President plans to cut Social Security next
YouTube: 8/14/2010 President Barack Obama's weekly address
Daily Kos: 'Dear President Obama'? Holy crap
YouTube: Real man of Genius: Joe Biden
Wall Street Journal: Dear Patients, Vote to repeal Obamacare
YouTube: Doctors asking patients to vote against democrats
YouTube: Mr. Haney Phone Company
ABC News: Engagement announcement on Facebook causes murder-suicide
ABC 15: Wyoming man donates $1.5 million to defend AZ immigration law
AP: Feds sue AZ sheriff in civil rights probe
AOL News: Mexico drug violence: 4 decapitated bodies hung from bridge
Dallas News: Relatives of lawmaker, aide got $25,000 in scholarships
Wall Street Journal: Congresswoman pledges to return scholarship money
Washington Examiner: Bad news for democrats: Ohio voters long for Bush


Anonymous said...

Thought you might find this interesting, I have not yet gotten a chance to listen to the show but I see a lot of Barbara Boxer in the show notes, now you can look up the Henry C Alford exchange she had with him where she cited her husband being in the military at some point. Well she has said it other times as well, but neither in her bio nor her husbands (on his law firms web site, does he site in his detailed bio of ever being in the military. Nor can any record be found of him being in the military. Nor is it cited in her bio on her senate page nor the bio she has on the Daily Kos website either.

Christopher Fredrickson

Anonymous said...

Hi again, once everybody!!

WOW. You are have good talk