Friday, September 10, 2010


On burning the Quran: A perspective by Jimmy Z
Blacks continue to support Obama no matter what
Obama 'committed to fiscal responsibility' (?)
Obama debt more than Washington-Reagan combined
Show No. 169-2010

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Opening • Why no show on Thursday? Overwhelming news day • Overview: LA Police Dept criticized • Dad doing better, prayers are appreciated • Jimmy Z Comment Line • Christopher on Obama & Social Security • Jim on ensuring domestic tranquility • Rant: How can some things be protected under 'free speech' • Steve on making dooty in the woods • SonlitKnight update on the midterm elections • I don't like new Google! • Michelle Obama is getting bigger • LAPD SHOOTING UPDATE, COMMENTARY • Rant: Pull the police out of neighborhoods that don't want police • Woman testifies that police should not have guns • 'Witness' who didn't see a knife • Villaraigosa stands up for the police • Preview: Burning Korans will not wake people up • TERRY JONES & BURNING KORANS • Audio: Obama about Terry Jones • The burn was canceled, and now it may be on again • Rant: Why cancel the burning of a Koran if the mosque at Ground Zero moves? • Audio: Olbermann report • Rant: Troops in more or less danger if Korans are burned • Terry Jones' website pulled from the internet by the web host • Jones and Limbaugh went to high school together • Other churches in the US ready to burn Korans too •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • More Koran hooey • Westboro Baptist ready to burn a Koran • AP refusal to distribute any audio or images of the Qurans being burned • Why would Jones cancel the burn if the mosque in New York City moves? • Audio: Hillary Clinton on burning Korans • Afghanistan Bibles destroyed by US officials • Trump offers to buy the mosque site for the price paid plus 25% • Details about Terry Jones, Creepier than you think • Terry Jones' church stands with the Westboro Baptist bunch • Reading: Thomas Jefferson's Quran • Local church in Orange County will bless the Quran on Sunday • Man arrested when he defends family with an AK-47 • Chris Christie on tour with reform plans for New Jersey • Audio: Chris Christie lets another teacher have it • Obama's debt higher than all US presidents from Washington through Reagan combined • Are black voters delusional over Obama? • ICE has caught and released over half a million illegals who are now fugitives • Virginia upholds GPS tracking of citizens without warrants • Audio: Obama is committed to fiscal responsibility • Obama on the economy • Audio: Obama blaming the previous administration again • Dick Morris on the coming democratic disaster • John Boehner says that changing the 14th Amendment is 'worth considering' •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Escape Tyranny: As Obama's popularity falls a strange thing is happening to Michelle
YouTube: Sir Mix A Lot, Baby Got Back
Facebook: Ben Hart: Her butt gets bigger by the day
KTLA 5: Witness comes forward in fatal Westlake shooting
KTLA 5: Police met with angry residents at Westlake Community meeting
LA Times: Villaraigosa defends police action in Westlake
LA Times: LAPD Chief Beck heckled by angry crowd at Westlake meeting
YouTube: Rampart police 'murder' Manuel Jamines
YouTube: Riots in Los Angeles (Westlake)
MSNBC: Quran burning on again?
YouTube: Mosque at ground zero, a veiled threat
Christian Science Monitor: Terry Jones site pulled down by web hosting company
USA Today: Who knew? Terry Jones and Rush Limbaugh were high school classmates
NY Daily News: Pastor Terry Jones' 9/11 Koran burn fuels copycats in US
OCALA: Westboro Baptist Church has vowed to hold a Quran burn if Jones calls it off
The Hill: AP will not distribute 'images or audio' of burning Qurans
AP: Quran burning canceled according to pastor's son
AP: Florida minister cancels burning of Quran on 9/11
YouTube: Clinton at muslim Iftar dinner calls burning Qurans a disgrace
Reuters: US Military says Afghan bibles have been destroyed
The Politico: Trump offers to buy mosque site
The Smoking Gun: Koran burner: Creepier than you think
Google Cache: In support of Westboro Baptist (removed from Dove World Outreach)
The New American: Thomas Jefferson's Quran
OC Register: OC church to bless Quran
CBS New York: Long Island man arrested for defending home with AK-47
New Jersey Star Ledger: Governor Christie reforms on town hall tour
Real Clear Politics: Governor Christie responds to teacher claiming he lambastes education
CNS News: Obama: More to national debt than all Presidents from Washington to Reagan
Human Events: Are black voters delusional over Obama?
CNS News: ICE says it has caught and released 506,232 illegals who are now fugitives
Washington Examiner: Virginia upholds tracking suspects with GPS
YouTube: Obama: 'I am absolutely committed to fiscal responsibility'
Wall Street Journal: Obama frames election as battle over economy
YouTube: The President's vision for the economy
Real Clear Politics: An epic democrat disaster
CNN: Changing the 14th amendment 'worth considering', Boehner says

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