Thursday, September 2, 2010


A stroll through the mind of the 'Discovery' Eco-Nazi
Does a Barrymore make dooty in the woods? Yes!
Homo-Hollywood attacks actor Earnest Borgnine
Show No. 164-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • ECO-LUNACY • Oil platform explodes off the coast of Louisiana • Audio: Robert Gibbs morning comments re the platform explosion • Rant: Could Eco-terrorism be involved in the Gulf? • Audio: James Lee, Eco-Nazi, goes crazy and takes hostages at Discovery Channel offices • Reading: The James Lee Manifesto • ElvisNixon: Al Gore's hypocrisy and responsibility • Drew Barrymore thrilled to poo in the woods • Rant: Hollywood has no idea what it's like for most of us • Mayor Bloomberg: Mosque pays dividends •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • More on the oil rig • Election data: The Republicans may take 80 or 90 seats in the House • Quotes around the edge of the new Oval Office carpet • HOLLYWOOD BLACKLISTS ERNEST BORGNINE • Homosexuals upset with Borgnine's refusal to watch 'Brokeback Mountain' • Audio: Mark Levin on the blacklisting of Ernest Borgnine • 10,000 private sector jobs lost in August • Audio: Mark Halperin: Republicans could take 60 seats in November • Audio: Keith Olbermann goes after Bill Keller & the 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero • Rant: Bill Keller did say it, The Bible said it • Dick Morris: How the Republicans will take the Senate •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
USA Today: Oil sheen spreading from Gulf platform explosion (found to be false)
USA Today: Workers rescued after Gulf oil rig explosion
AP: Gulf oil platform explodes, burning off LA coast
ABC News: Environ-mental militant James Lee shot and killed after taking hostages
Save The Planet Protest: James Lee's demands
ElvisNixon: Al Gore told me to skin you alive
American Spectator: The Discovery attacker: A true Green believer
Pundit Guy: Drew Barrymore quote of the day
Science Ray: The amazing Hoover Dam bypass bridge nears completion
Bloomberg's Ground Zero mosque dividend
Real Clear Politics: Bigger than 1994
The Blaze: Quotes displayed on the new Oval Office carpet
LA Times: Should SAG be honoring Ernest Borgnine?
Big Hollywood: Blacklisters at LA Times target 93 year old Borgnine
Breitbart: Mark Levin: Calls to blacklist Ernest Borgnine
Daily Finance: ADP report 10,000 private sector job cuts in August
Real Clear Politics: Halperin: GOP could take 60 seats in the House
YouTube: Countdown on Bill Keller's planned '9/11 Christian Center'
Dick Morris: How Republicans will win the Senate

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