Friday, September 17, 2010


Harry Reid to attach amnesty to military spending bill
Krauthammer on pursuing the Senate majority first
Rant: We need to stop being fine with Islam
Show No. 175-2010

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Opening • The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Robert from Florida • Rant: Government, Islam, religious indoctrination and the ACLU • When is the school field trip to a church during prayer time? • Facebook comment: Islam in public schools • School superintendent in apologizes for mosque prayer incident • Mosque claims no one was invited to pray • Replay: Description of field trip to a mosque • Get your kids out of public school • Obama and Reid play to Hispanics • Amnesty bill (The Dream Act) to be attached to military spending bill by Harry Reid • Latest poll: 68% of Americans for strict immigration policy • Illegal college students ready to protest again • Reid trying to buy Latino votes in Nevada • Military service leading to citizenship: I'm all for it • Reid and McCain spar over attaching amnesty to defense spending • Can Christine O'Donnell win in Delaware? • Charles Krauthammer's latest column • Sarah Palin, conservatives in Delaware and my contrary stand in California • Time to support O'Donnell •

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Opening • Krauthammer article continued • Rant: The 'get out of our way' attitude will not serve us well • We need to stop being fine with Islam • Audio: Three things about Islam you probably didn't know • Sarah Palin in Iowa: Does this mean she's running for President? • Wall Street Journal piece: How Obamacare guts Medicare • Rant: Democrats told you the Republicans were going to gut Medicare, and then the democrats gutted it! • On flying the flag upside down • Union strikes damage more than union workers •

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