Monday, September 27, 2010


White House wants ability to wiretap the internet
Dick Morris' Goal is 100 seats in the House

Astounding: Congressman said Guam may tip over
Show No. 181-2010

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Opening • Heat wave in Southern California • Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy next Sunday • Jimmy Z Comment Line • Ray on 'mentally retarded' • Citizens' group uncovers alleged voter fraud in Houston • Rant: The left is doing what they can to corrupt voting in the US • The Mosque at Ground Zero • The mosque is meant to prevent another terrorist attack! • Audio: Excerpts from 60 Minutes piece on the mosque at Ground Zero • Real estate developer, Pamela Geller, Imam Rauf • Audio: CBN report on muslim prayer closing streets in Paris • Wiretaps: Obama administration wants access to email, internet communication • Fergie and Marc Anthony sing the National Anthem • Obama 'Hope' poster artist losing hope • High School student restores Pledge of Allegiance to public school in Massachusetts • Philippine flag inverted at New York City meeting, called an 'honest mistake' •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • President Ahmadinejad's weird week in New York City • Christian pastors test IRS regulations on Sunday, talk about candidates from the pulpit • Mitch Daniels: SonlitKnight's prediction & Michael Barone's article • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Dick Morris sets the goal: 100 Republican seats in November • Audio: Obama talks about the Republican Pledge to America in his weekend address • Astounding: Congressman fears Guam may tip over because of overpopulation; I only wish I was kidding.

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Fox News: Citizen's group helps uncover alleged rampant voter fraud in Houston
True The Vote activism website
Fox 8: New York Mosque meant to prevent attack
CBS News: The people behind the Mosque - 60 Minutes
CBN: Muslim prayer in Paris
Seattle Times: US would make Internet wiretaps easier
Fox News: US wants broader internet wiretap authority
NY Times: US tries to make it easier to wiretap the internet
YouTube: Fergie and Marc Anthony sing the National Anthem in Miami
Yahoo News: Famed Obama 'Hope' poster artist losing hope
World Net Daily: Student campaigns to restore the Pledge of Allegiance
AP: Inverted Philippine flag was 'honest mistake'
NY Post: Ahmadinejad's weird week in Big Apple
CBN: Pastors test IRS regulations, endorse candidates from pulpit
Black Robe Regiment website
US News and World Report: Mitch Daniels for President in 2012
Dick Morris: Goal: 100 House Seats
The Politico: Rocky road ahead for Obama
Rasmussen Reports: Connecticut Senate race
Rasmussen Reports: Delaware Senate race
LA Times: Obama critical of GOP's 'Pledge to America'
The Hill: Rep. Hank Johnson: Guam could 'tip over and capsize'

1 comment:

Juantos Calama said...

Hey Jimmy,
I remember that buffoon Johnson last March saying that Guam would capsize!! Couldn't stop laughing. Thanks for the memories.
Look at Adm. Mullen at about 1:30 or so after he says it and the people behind him. They are about to burst out laughing as well!!
Just love them Demos, huh?