Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Mexico wants US to stop deporting serious criminals
Racism in Holder's Department of Justice

LA Times blamed for teacher suicide
by the LA teachers union

Show No. 182-2010

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Opening • Comment Line calls • Robert and Maria • SEIU implicated in voter fraud • Imam Rauf • Internet wiretapping • Rant: Criminals, wiretapping and the internet • Audio: John McCain protester outside after a debate • Audio: Nancy Pelosi wants young adults to stay on their parents' health care plan • Rant: Why do you suppose democrats want children to stay on their parents' health coverage plans? • Mexico asks US to stop deporting serious criminals • RACISM IN THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE • Audio: J. Christian Adams and Bartle Bull on Fox News in July 2010 • Christopher Coates testifies before the Civil Rights Commission • Audio: Fox News report on Coates Testimony • The Enemedia is not reporting this story! • Rant: Google searches for news on this story - nothing • Articles on the Coates Testimony • Travesty of justice is an understatement •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • LA Times Teacher Ratings anger the LA Teachers Union • LA Teacher commits suicide after getting a less than effective rating • Teachers Union blames the LA Times for the teachers' suicide • Audio: KABC 7 report • Rant: This teacher was not effective, and couldn't take the pressure demanding improvement • Audio: KTLA 5 report • A.J. Duffy, head of the LA Teachers Union • Contact Duffy is you like • LA Weekly Editorial: A.J. Duffy should resign • It is impossible to fire teachers in LA • 7 to 10 years to fire a teacher under any circumstance • Ann Coulter at HomoCon update • Porn producer engages Coulter in a debate • Audio: Interview with John Boehner • Audio: Breitbart nails Bill Maher as a socialist • John Boehner attacked by the media before the midterm elections •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: A protester is tackled when she tries to confront Senator McCain after debate
Family Security Matters: House Speaker to young people: Stay on parents health plan
Judicial Watch: Mexico asks US to stop deporting serious criminals
The Jimmy Z Show: Friday, 2 July 2010
Heritage Foundation: Christopher Coates to testify on New Black Panther case
YouTube: Christopher Coates testimony in New Black Panther case
Investors Business Daily: Travesty of the Justice Department
Heritage Foundation: Justice must address lawlessness uncovered by Coates
Washington Times: GOP lawmaker acts to shield whistleblower
LA Times: Rigoberto Ruelas - LA Times Teacher Ratings
ABC 7: Community mourns loss of longtime teacher
KTLA 5: Some blame LA Times for teacher's suicide
KTLA 5: Rigoberto Ruelas: Missing LA school teacher found dead
UTLA Officers Page: A.J. Duffy
LA Weekly: A.J. Duffy should resign in the wake of Ruelas suicide
YouTube: Porn producer questions Ann Coulter
Renew America: Ann Coulter gets her 'warrior princess' badge back
The Politico: They're gay, they're conservative and proud
ABC News: Boehner presses Pelosi for vote on full extension of Bush tax cuts
McClatchy: Congress prepares to punt, spend the fall campaigning
Newsbusters: Breitbart nails Bill Maher as a socialist
NY Post: Liberal outlets try to nab John Boehner for infidelity before midterms

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